Questions to Ask when Choosing a Beauty School
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Questions to Ask when Choosing a Beauty School

Posted on: July 14th, 2015

Selecting which beauty school you will attend can be one of those life-changing decisions, and thus Tricoci University recommends that you don’t rush into a decision. Check out other schools to determine which will be the best fit for you. For prospective students that are passionate about a career in the beauty industry, are committed to receiving an advanced level of training, and want to be prepared to accelerate their career after graduating, we believe the best fit will be Tricoci University.

As you make the rounds to other schools, make sure you ask the following questions:

Is the curriculum “foundational” or “modular?”

Many schools will use a modular approach to their curriculum, which means you will learn in blocks. In a modular methodology you often start your education with whatever is being taught that week. Typically in this environment you are mixed in a class of students that is constantly changing with new students being added in and existing students moving out of the classroom. At Tricoci University we believe the best approach to learning is one that is connected and builds upon technical skills and theory knowledge. This foundational approach to learning allows the student to gain a thorough understanding and practice of skills from the beginning of a service through to the end. We also like our students to stay together and bond as classmates; you are likely to make lifelong friends among your classmates at TUBC!

How does the curriculum go beyond the basic state requirements?

Some schools view their ultimate purpose as preparing you to pass the state licensure test. At TUBC, that is just the beginning. We stay on the cutting edge of what the beauty industry demands and are consistently enhancing our curriculum to ensure our graduates have received the most advanced training. We believe the success formula for a salon-ready graduate is an emphasis on advanced technical skills, along with client development and “soft” skills. Graduates with this set of skills will be in strong demand by industry employers.

What is the school’s philosophy on product lines?

Many schools will say that using a variety of brands provides broader experience for their students. At TUBC, we believe that using a limited number of product lines, taught correctly, leads to the best beauty education. This focus allows us to teach ingredient-level chemistry rather than brands and product lines. Students gain the skills and confidence to read product labels from ANY product line, and know how to apply that product for the desired results for their client. This training prepares our graduates to succeed regardless of the product line used by their future salon or spa.

What is the school’s philosophy on retail?

Many schools use a wide variety of retail products in hopes that this will increase sales. In Mario Tricoci’s vast experience, true professionals don’t just “sell” retail. He believes professionals “prescribe” at-home care specific to a client’s unique needs, similar to a doctor prescribing medication. Thus, TUBC’s training focuses on providing expert retail product advice to maximize client satisfaction with their at-home care and keep them coming back to you for professional services.

How much hands-on practice will I get with real clients?

Mannequins are valuable tools that have their place at any school, but there is no substitute for performing real services on real clients. To deliver salon-ready graduates, TUBC designed each clinic to look and feel like an upscale salon and day spa, and we train our students to deliver the wide range of services we offer. As a result, our clinics draw a high volume of loyal clients, which provides our students with extensive guest experiences. 

What is the school’s attendance policy?

While it is tempting to go to a school with a “come when you want” attendance policy, it will ultimately harm your education, delay the start of your career and affect the quality of your skills. Tricoci University strongly believes your first day of school is the first day of your career. Our commitment to the industry is to cultivate professionals. Tricoci University wants you to be a successful graduate and ultimately have a great career, not just enroll in school.

Is your school accredited and does it offer federal financial aid?

Yes and yes. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is accredited by the NACCAS. Accredited schools follow high standards and keep track of important statistics such as the percentage of students that pass their state licensure exams. Federal financial aid can make your education more affordable through attractive grant and loan programs funded by the U.S. government. While accreditation is required to qualify for federal financial aid, getting approved to offer federal financial aid is a separate process the school needs to complete.

What do salons and spas say about the performance of your graduates?

An effective way to judge any company is to talk with the customers that “buy” the company’s product. For beauty schools, the salons and spas that hire a school’s graduates will be able to tell you: how much additional training do the graduates need? Do they appear confident with clients, have strong technical skills and know how to drive salon profits by upselling clients? Salons consistently tell us that TUBC graduates are more salon-ready than other graduates, which typically translates to a faster career track.

What do your alumni have to say about their experiences and value of their education?

Another good way to judge a beauty school is to talk with graduates. Did they feel well prepared when they began at their first job out of school? Have they advanced as quickly as they had hoped, and how does that compare to graduates from other schools? Does the school keep in touch and provide value after graduation? TUBC graduates regularly tell us that they were more confident and prepared than their peers that graduated from other schools. For most, this translates to a faster career track and success.

How do you ensure I will be “salon ready?”

Ultimately the reason for going to school is to have a successful career in the beauty industry. At TUBC, this objective is at the core of all we do, and why we continue to innovate and evolve our programs and approach. From our learning methodology, to the techniques and skills we teach, to our curriculum structure, to the equipment we use, to the environment we set and the experiences you gain in our clinics, to our emphasis on professionalism—all of this is to ensure you are ready to succeed in whichever beauty career path you choose.