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expenses during cosmetology school
In beauty school, you’ll encounter many different types of expenses. How much does beauty school cost with all expenses taken Read more
cosmetology career opportunities
For many people, continuing education essentially creates a path to a permanent career. How does hair and makeup school prepare Read more
Hair school near me
Choosing a hair school is an integral first step in your cosmetology career. How do you make sure you end Read more
difference between Beauty and hair school
You may notice different names for different beauty schools. However, does the name in question actually have an impact on Read more
learn about cosmetology school
As someone interested in cosmetology, you’ve probably looked into cosmetology school programs. Will you actually learn important skills in these Read more
Prerequisites to get into beauty school
Graduating from a beauty school is an important first step to working in the beauty industry for your future career. Read more
The ABS Global Image Awards is one of the most prominent awards in esthetics. How is Tricoci University participating in Read more
A career in cosmetology
Some people wonder about the difficulties associated with cosmetology schools. Is cosmetology school difficult, or can you make your way Read more
Hair school vs cosmetology school
For people searching “beauty and cosmetology schools near me,” the phrases hairdressing school and cosmetology school may be confusing. What’s Read more
prepare for a cosmetology career
As a high schooler, you’re going to take certain courses as you prepare for college. Which courses will prepare you Read more
prepare for beauty school
Beauty school is an exciting way to build a career for yourself and the rest of your life. What can Read more
makeup artist career
Makeup artistry is a very special type of career and one you might adore. Why should you be interested in Read more
Career in Nail Art
Are you thinking of attending nail school? Potential career opportunities in this insider’s guide include […] Read more
beauty school careers in salons nails and skin
Do you wonder what you could do with a beauty school career? We’ve rounded up […] Read more
cosmetology for your future career
Many people find themselves interested in the cosmetology field for a potential career, especially as […] Read more
careers in beauty industry
Many people are interested in a career in cosmetology. Although there are a few different […] Read more
benefits of a beauty school education
Beauty school is a great option for anyone with an interest in fashion, color theory, […] Read more
careers in beauty industry
If you’re interested in beauty school, you probably have an end goal in mind. You […] Read more
high school experience to cosmetology career
As a high school student, you go through a lot every day, and those experiences […] Read more
prep for hairdressing school
Are you gearing up to attend hairdressing school? You may be anxiously waiting for classes […] Read more


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