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cosmetology beauty school
If you’re interested in cosmetology, you’ve probably started to look into cosmetology schools. There are […] Read more
You don’t have to give up your current responsibilities to pursue your dreams, and your […] Read more
cosmetology program
If you’re starting to think about your career, you’re likely going through a variety of […] Read more
barber program education
As a longstanding cosmetology specialist, barbers have a very special place in the salon world, […] Read more
The field of esthetics is ever-expanding; as technology continues to develop, estheticians are creating new […] Read more
Bride of Frankenstein may be a classic Halloween costume, but that doesn’t mean your makeup […] Read more
Guide to Barber College
Are you wondering what it takes to become a barber? There is a resurgence of […] Read more
esthetician skin care expert
Are you thinking of becoming an esthetician or skin care expert? Estheticians are beauty professionals […] Read more
Is your Halloween costume inspired by the horror movie Jigsaw? For help getting the perfect […] Read more
black swan step by step halloween
Is your Halloween costume inspired by the spooky style of Natalie Portman in the movie […] Read more
werewolf makeup
This Halloween, it might not be a full moon, but you can still transform into […] Read more
loctician cosmetology student
You can enter one of many job fields after completing a Cosmetology Program. Cosmetology is […] Read more
When you think of becoming a makeup artist, you probably think of traditional makeup, which […] Read more
Have you heard the news about Lafayette Beauty Academy in Lafayette, IN? In an exciting […] Read more
makeup artist
Have you been thinking about going to makeup school? A career in beauty can be […] Read more
Beauty Career Fashion Designer
If you have an eye for style and you’ve always loved to create new fashion […] Read more
Beauty Career Nail Tech/Manicurist
Nail technicians and manicurists are in hot demand right now, and as long as people […] Read more
massage therapist
Although alternative medicine treatments have always been popular, they’ve recently experienced a resurgence in many […] Read more
beauty career cosmetology instructor
When deciding what to do after completing a cosmetology program at Tricoci University of Beauty […] Read more
beauty career makeup artist
Many people first hear about the cosmetology world through the lens of a makeup artist. […] Read more


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