Finding a Hair Salon School Near Me: Tips and Tricks
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Finding a Hair Salon School Near Me: Tips and Tricks

Posted on: June 6th, 2020

When you’re trying to find the right hair school, you’re probably getting ready to do a lot of research. Sure, that research probably starts with searching “hair salon school near me,” but most prospective students know they’re going to have to do a lot more research than just searching key phrases. The problem is, a lot of people don’t actually know how to look into a hair school. What are your best options? Here are a few lesser-known methods of deciding whether a hair school is worth your time.

Checking Their Social Media Profiles

This is one thing that many potential students unfortunately overlook. In fact, checking out a school’s social media profiles is an important step. Social media profiles are an important method of reaching out to potential new students and keeping in touch with old ones. The hair salon you’re interested in should be putting their best foot forward on their social media profiles. Take a look through all of them and see whether they seem to put effort into social media.

Reading Their Blog

A school’s blog is another important thing to read through. Blog posts allow a hair salon to share information with their readers. When you read through these blog posts, consider whether the salon seems to be able to showcase important information. Does it seem like the person writing the blog posts is putting in genuine thought and effort? Is the information useful and relevant? Does the hair salon update the blog on a regular basis? Even just scrolling through the blog can be helpful.

Looking Through Their Website

A well-designed website doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the quality of the school’s teaching, but as with many of these other points, it showcases how much work the school’s willing to put into its presentation. If a school doesn’t seem to be willing to even have a functioning website, you may not want to entrust your education to that school. Browse through the website and see whether it’s full of useful information that’s easy to access or if it has a lot of difficult-to-find information that’s tough to read.

Comparing Them to Other Schools in the Area

Of course, you’re going to want to compare each school to other schools in your area. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to find the perfect school on the very first try; it’s more likely that you’ll have to look through a variety of schools in your area, then narrow down the options until you get to the right one. A chart or spreadsheet may be helpful with this. Make a chart that includes all the qualities you’re looking for in a hair school, and fill it out with all the schools in your area.

Looking at Options You’ll Need to Take Advantage Of

You may need to take advantage of some of this school’s options. For example, you may need accessibility accommodations, or you might need to apply for financial aid. Think about the optional benefits available at this school, then consider which ones you might need to utilize when you go to school. Does it seem like it’ll be a fairly straightforward process to do so, or does the process look confusing and uncertain? If you’re prepared for these worries going in, it’ll be more likely for you to get the help you need.


There are many different ways to see whether a school will be able to provide you with a high-quality education. Some people may look more at a school’s history, while some may look more at a school’s location. However, no matter what features are most important to you, it’s important that you consider every facet of a school before you make your choice. If you’ve started to look at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture as one of your options, you should get in touch with a team member to learn more about how Tricoci University could be the perfect option for your education.

Do I Need to Find a Hair Academy Near Me?

Posted on: May 27th, 2020

When you start looking for a hair school, one of the first things you’ll probably start thinking about is what important things a school will need to be effective for you. One of the most important things about that question is location. Looking for “hair academy near me” is a good first start, but why? What can a hair academy in your area give you that one in another area can’t?

The Benefits of Finding a Hair Academy in Your Area

When it comes to hair academies, there are actually many benefits to finding a location in your area. These are just a few of the reasons you really need to find a hair academy near you.

  • Legislative Differences

Different states and cities have different legislative requirements for hairdressers, hair salons and hair academies. That’s why it’s so important to go to a hair academy near you. When you do, you’ll get an education that goes over all the important things to teach in your area, which is an essential part of doing your job properly.

  • Licensure Requirements

Like legislative requirements, licensure requirements also vary from location to location. These are potentially even more important for you personally than legislative requirements; they’re what dictate whether or not you get your cosmetology license. Hairdressers in your area will tailor their teaching to your local licensure requirements.

  • Cultural Changes

Different areas have different cultures when it comes to cosmetology. For example, one area may consider “cosmetology” to mean “all beauty services,” while another area may consider it to mean “mostly makeup.” The area in which you live has a significant impact on how you perceive certain things, and that includes your makeup and cosmetology preferences. 

  • Local Styles

Lastly, going to a cosmetology school in your local area means you’re more likely to learn about locally loved styles and trends. Although there are certain styles and trends that are popular across the country, there are also certain styles that mostly pop up in distinct neighborhoods. You’ll be able to get locally flavored teaching at a local school.

Teaching Differences By School

Of course, while location plays an important part in determining your school, it’s not the only part. Many cities have multiple beauty schools available, so just seeing which schools are in your area won’t let you know what school to attend. That’s why you need to take a deeper look at each school individually.

Remember, there are many differences between different schools. When you’re scoping out your options, you may want to look at the school’s history, accreditation, and even financial aid options. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and gain more information than to not be prepared when you get there.


When you’re thinking about going to hair school, you need to think about a variety of different factors. Location might not be the only factor to think about, but it’s definitely an important factor. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture offers a variety of options for your education, including locations spread out over multiple states. Get in touch with a Tricoci University team member to learn more about your options at this hair academy near you.

The Most Impressive Tips and Tricks That Hair Salon School Can Teach You

Posted on: May 20th, 2020

When you’re considering whether or not to go to hair salon school, you might consider what a hair salon school will actually teach you. Will you learn anything important in hair salon school? Is it important to go to hair salon school, or can you just use the internet to find all this information yourself? When you go to hair school, you’ll learn a lot. These are just a few of the tips and tricks you’ll learn at hair salon school.

Using a Client’s Features to Determine a Great Hair Style

There’s no one perfect hairstyle that will make every person look amazing. The exact same hairstyle could look incredible on one person, but look awkward on another. One of the reasons for this is because different people have different features, and you need to be able to identify those features and use them to determine the right hairstyle. That can even mean taking a hairstyle someone wants you to recreate and adapting it to a client’s features for maximum impact.

Understanding Color Theory

At its base, color theory refers to the way in which different colors work with one other. However, it’s more than that; color theory also has to do with overtones, undertones and shades. If you have a client with a warm skin undertone, you may want to match that client with a hair color that has a warm undertone, as a hair color with a cool undertone can look unnatural and awkward. Understanding color theory can help you craft the right look.

The Right Way to Cut Different Types of Hair

Cutting hair is a big deal. When you cut someone’s hair, you’re changing it for at least multiple months. Depending on the amount you cut, you may be changing the person’s hairstyle for years. The thing is, different types of hair, different cuts and different styles all require different types of cutting. There’s no one way of cutting hair. It’s an art form, and hair salon school will teach you that art form.

Identifying a Hair Type and Treating It Properly

There are a number of different hair types out there. Your hair type has to do with how thick, coarse and curly your hair is. Depending on how you rank for each of those factors, your hair will be a different hair type. Obviously, someone with extremely curly but thin hair will need drastically different hair treatment than someone with very thick and very straight hair. Hair salon school will teach you how to identify a person’s hair type, then how to treat it in different ways.

How to Use Professional Tools

The only way you can become good at using tools is to use them over and over again. It’s likely that you won’t be able to afford extremely high-end professional tools when you’re first getting started, so your best chance at learning how to use these tools is through hair salon school. When you go to hair salon school, you’ll get more education about using these professional tools, including the hands-on experience you really need to master the technique.


Clearly, hair salon school isn’t just an option for people who want to become hairstylists. It’s an incredibly important part of becoming a professional. As a hairstylist, you’ll change a person’s style for many weeks. It’s important that you commit that to heart — if you make a serious mistake, the person whose hair you’re cutting will feel that mistake.

When you go to hair salon school, you’ll get these tips and tricks and many more. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture allows you to watch experts work, practice on mannequins, and even practice on real people through the clinical salons. With the Tricoci University cosmetology program, you’ll get a full and complete education about hair.

Finding a Hair College Near Me That Actually Works

Posted on: April 22nd, 2020

When you’re first looking into hair college and cosmetology school, you need to think about a lot of factors. That’s why you might be looking up phrases like “hair college near me” and “how to know if I’ve found a good hair college.” It can be tempting to spiral into worry about this choice: after all, it can have a serious impact on the rest of your life. However, if you’re willing to put in some work, you can make an educated decision. Before you make your choice, take these steps.

Determine Your Own Needs

You’re not going to be able to find a hair college in your area that works well for you if you don’t know what your needs are. Do you need a college that’s affordable? Are you looking for a college with high ratings? Do you want a college that will give you opportunities to network? What are the most important things you’re looking for? Make a list, ranking each thing you’re interested in by how much they matter to you.

Get Together Your Prerequisites

Every college has different prerequisites you have to meet before you can attend. Different colleges also have different admissions processes, which should factor into which school you choose. The prerequisites for getting into beauty school vary, but they typically require that you turn 18 before you start, hold a high school diploma or equivalent, and sometimes that you’re a resident of the state the program is in. Talk to the individual college to learn more about the prerequisites.

Learn More About the College

It’s a good idea to learn a little more about each college before you look into the application process. A college’s history and mission statement can give you a better idea of what the college and its teachers find most important. If it was started by a specific individual in the beauty industry, as with Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, you might want to learn more about that individual. This can all give you a better understanding of the college you’re looking at.

Find Out Important Technical Details

There are a variety of technical details you should look into about the college you’re interested in. For example, is it accredited by NACCAS? Does it offer financial aid? Can it help you find beauty scholarships? A high-quality college like Tricoci University is well-equipped to help students of all socioeconomic statuses, not just ones that can afford to pay the entire tuition amount up front. Anyone can go to beauty school, even people who can’t pay the whole thing from their bank account.

Make Sure the College Offers Your Specialty

Especially if you’re interested in hair school specifically, there are a lot of specialties you might want to look into. Barbering programs and cosmetology programs both cover the basics, but that might not be enough for your interests. If you want to specialize in coloring hair, you’ll probably need different training than if you want to become a hair braider. Talking to someone from the college you’re interested in can really help you figure out what the college offers and how you can benefit from it.

Talk to a College Advisor

At the end of the day, the only way you’ll know some of the details surrounding a specific hair school will be if you talk to a college advisor from that college. Tricoci University allows you to request additional information before you apply. This can be crucial if you’re looking for more information about why Tricoci University might work better for you than other hair schools near you. Before you make your choice, it’s essential that you talk to someone.


Obviously, there are a lot of things to think about when you’re looking into hair college. You have to think about finances, the location of the school, the way in which the school functions, the school’s specialties, and more. However, there are ways for you to find the perfect hair college near you. Talk to a Tricoci University team member today so you can learn more about the options that might work best for you.

Is Cosmetology School Actually Important?

Posted on: March 18th, 2020

If you’re interested in the cosmetology field, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Is cosmetology school for me?” Cosmetology school takes time, effort and money, and those are things you might not readily have on hand, especially if you’re fresh out of high school. Can you just teach yourself the same things you’d learn in cosmetology school?

The answer to that question is a pretty resounding no. There are many things cosmetology school can do to drastically increase your overall potential. These are just a few of them.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Of course, you’ll definitely learn a variety of professional-level tips and tricks you otherwise probably wouldn’t be exposed to. Cosmetology school is a place to hone your skills, and you’ll learn a lot from experts in the field. Those experts want to create a thoughtful and skilled generation of cosmetology professionals, and you can be one of them. One of the things you’ll learn all through cosmetology school is how to achieve the looks the pros send down the runway, and that’s an important facet of going through it.

Hands-On Experience Overseen By Teachers

You need hands-on experience before you go out and start working in a professional salon. However, even more importantly than that, you need to get hands-on experience in the presence of someone who can let you know when you’re making a mistake and how to fix it. It’s as crucial that you understand what you’re doing wrong as understanding what you’re doing right. You won’t get that immediate fix if you’re just practicing on your own.

An Understanding of Every Part of the Cosmetology Process

The cosmetology field utilizes people from every background. With a cosmetology license, you can achieve one of these different job titles: salon manager, hair stylist, runway stylist, photoshoot makeup artist, backstage touch-up stylist and much, much more. Going through cosmetology school will give you a greater understanding and deeper respect for people who aren’t in the specialty you’re hoping to achieve.

Student-Centered Competitions

Some competitions in the cosmetology world are only open to students. These competitions give an opportunity for students to break out into the “big leagues” and showcase their work to millions of people. However, they’re typically only available to students actively enrolled in a cosmetology school. That means you can only access these great opportunities if you’re enrolled. Enrolling in a cosmetology school can give you plenty of great opportunities to increase your career before you’ve even started it.

Employers’ Opinions

It might not seem like a very big part of your current worldview, but you’re going to put your schooling on your resume for potentially the rest of your career. You want to put something that employers are going to see and respect. If you have schooling from a respected cosmetology school like Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, it’s more likely that potential future employers will give you a second look. It definitely gives you a much better shot than saying you’re self-taught.

Extracurricular Networking Options

When you go to cosmetology school, you’re immediately opening yourself up to a variety of networking opportunities. Depending on the school you attend, you may be able to take advantage of, and get easier access to, existing networks. Many cosmetology schools even have these networking opportunities baked into their culture. Going to cosmetology school makes it easier for you to navigate extremely important networks of beauty professionals.


It’s clear that cosmetology school is an incredibly important part of becoming a licensed cosmetologist, no matter what specialty you’re interested in pursuing. Overall, it’s important that you choose the right cosmetology school for your needs, and Tricoci University wants to help you become the best cosmetologist you can be. If you’re interested in becoming a cosmetologist, contact Tricoci University to learn more about the various programs you can take advantage of.

The Cosmetology School Factors You Should Consider Before Price

Posted on: March 14th, 2020

You’re probably thinking at least a little bit about price when you’re considering college. It can be expensive to go to college, even when that college is a trade college, and it’s certainly financially responsible to consider the price of attendance. However, you shouldn’t just ask: “How much is beauty school?” Although you should consider the price of cosmetology school, there are other factors that are much more important. Make sure you’re thinking about these factors when evaluating cosmetology school options.


How accessible are the administrators of the school that interests you? Can you get in touch with campus management and teachers, or is it a process to even get on the phone with someone? When you’re considering different cosmetology schools, the availability of teachers and the administration should be an important factor.

Comprehensive Education

What’s the point in going to a cheap cosmetology school if you don’t learn the things you need to know? Some schools may be much less expensive, but don’t teach the full range of cosmetology processes. There are some pieces of cosmetology knowledge that might not be 100% necessary for you to pass your licensing test, but you should still know if you want to be a more well-rounded cosmetologist.


A cosmetology school can certainly be high-quality even without accreditation, and this doesn’t necessarily have to be a make-or-break point. However, accreditation shows that a reputable third party has given a college its stamp of approval. Finding a cosmetology school that NACCAS has accredited, like Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, goes a long way in making sure you get a quality education.

Different Styles of Learning

People have many different styles of learning. You may learn best through hands-on training, lectures, presentations, demonstrations or examinations. For maximum impact, you want to make sure your chosen school offers options for many different styles of learning, not just one. After all, if you learn best through presentations but your school only uses textbooks, you’re going to have a tough time learning what you need to know. Determine how the school teaches, so you know if that works for you.


After you graduate, you’re going to put the college you attended on every resume you send out to potential employers, possibly for the rest of your life. You want to be proud of the college you add to your resume. If the college you attend has a positive reputation, potential employers will look at it more fondly than they might if you visit a college with a neutral or negative reputation. Do a little searching: has the school won any awards? Who founded it? These factors will give you more insight into the college’s reputation.

A Love for Cosmetology

Finally, it should be obvious that the people running the school look at it as a way to teach the next generation of cosmetologists. If they have a love for cosmetology, it’ll shine through. You want to attend a school that’s driven by a love of the art, not a desire for money or fame. Take a look at the college’s social media presences, blog and anywhere else it publishes information about itself. Does that love of cosmetology shine through?


Your choice of cosmetology school will obviously depend on a vast array of factors, including- but not limited to- your location, specializations, career opportunities, and yes, price. However, you shouldn’t put price above everything else. You want a quality cosmetology education, not a discount one. If you’re looking for the best possible education, get in contact with Tricoci University to discuss your options. You can build a path to cosmetology school that works for you personally.


Is Cosmetology School Worth It for Me?

Posted on: March 11th, 2020

If you’re interested in going to school, you’re probably trying to figure out whether it’s worth it to invest time and money into the school you’re planning to visit. Cosmetology school teaches you a trade that can be incredibly useful for people of all different backgrounds. However, if you’re interested in cosmetology school, you do need to weigh it in the same way you would any other type of school. Here are a few things to consider when you’re trying to determine whether it’s worth it.

Potential Job Prospects

People typically go to college to try and get a better job once they’ve graduated. That typically means you should consider your job prospects after you’ve graduated if you want the most out of your college experience.

Overall, the cosmetology field does offer pretty great job prospects. After all, it’s a job that isn’t easy to automate, is always in demand, and requires very specialized skills. However, you may want to consider networking and building potential for a job as soon as you get out of cosmetology school.

Financial Aid Options

Any college can be expensive, so this is a question you should ask regarding any college decisions you make. What are your financial aid options? Can you take advantage of federal financial aid, financial aid from the school itself, or scholarships?

If you’re willing to put in a substantial amount of work in the months leading up to the start of your college years, you can take advantage of a lot of financial aid options. Consider researching these resources as soon as possible so you can get to work on applications early.

Savings and Loan Availability

Even with the best possible financial aid options, it’s likely that you’ll have to pay at least some portion of tuition out of pocket. Plus, if you’re working full-time, you may also have to take out money to pay for housing and living expenses.

That’s why you should look at the savings you already have, and the availability of loan options. If you’re interested in taking out a loan for college, don’t be afraid to shop around a little bit. Multiple credit checks in a short period of time won’t impact your credit score as much as if you spread those checks out over many months, and a lower percentage can end up saving you thousands of dollars.

Length of School

How long will it take you to finish school? The longer you’re in school, the more it will cost overall. It’s typically more difficult to finish if you’re going to be in school for a particularly long time.

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture offers full-time and part-time options for many of its courses, typically ranging from six months for full-time specializations to two years for part-time courses. Check the programs available at the campus you’re planning to attend to get more information about how long they’ll likely take.

Your Love for Cosmetology

Lastly, and most importantly, you need to take into account your personal love for cosmetology. Your cosmetology experience will be more fulfilling and less difficult if you’re driven by a love for it. If you really want to pursue cosmetology, that desire will absolutely shine through.

If you want to become part of the cosmetology world, Tricoci University can help you get there. Whether you’re interested in nail technology, esthetics, barbering or cosmetology as a whole, you need a top-tier education. That’s exactly what Tricoci University can provide.


There are clearly many things you need to take into account when you’re trying to decide whether cosmetology school is worth it. That includes technical needs like financial aid, but also less measurable needs, like your personal drive to become part of the beauty industry. Once you’ve come to a conclusion regarding your desire to succeed in cosmetology, Tricoci University can help you start. Get in contact today to learn more about how Tricoci University can help you achieve your cosmetology dreams.

Career Opportunities to Pursue After Hair and Makeup School

Posted on: March 4th, 2020

If you’re interested in hair and makeup school, you probably want to learn a little bit more about what that schooling can do for you. After you get out of hair and makeup school, what will your education accomplish for you in the career world? There are nearly endless job opportunities in the beauty industry available to someone who’s completed a hair and makeup program. Here are just a few of your options.

Salon Stylist

A salon stylist is probably the first job that comes to mind when you think about jobs after hair and makeup school. These stylists work in professional salons and handle clients that come through, offering personalized services to each one. If you’re really interested in the everyday artistry of the profession, this may be the perfect option.

Photo and Movie Stylist

Movies and photoshoots need makeup in a very different way than everyday life. There’s a different set of skills that photo and movie stylists use, which requires that you understand how the camera picks up on the makeup you apply. If you love working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, you may gravitate toward this job.

Sales Consultant

When you know a lot about makeup and hair, you’ll understand how products interact with a person’s skin and hair. Because the general public doesn’t have that knowledge, it’s a useful skill to have if you’re interested in selling products. With the wealth of beauty products available on the market, you can definitely become a sales consultant for a specific brand or for a beauty company.

Salon Owner

On top of working in a salon, your knowledge of the beauty industry can serve you well as a salon owner or franchisee. Even if you don’t have a very substantial hand in the actual services your salon provides to customers, it’s good to have an in-depth understanding of those services so you can run your salon more smoothly.

Beauty Consultant

A beauty consultant, like a sales consultant, utilizes their knowledge to help the average person. As a beauty consultant, you may work with individuals or brands that determine how to create a different personal or corporate identity. The knowledge you’ll learn in hair and beauty school will bolster your credibility and helpfulness.

Nail Technician

Nail technician services are an important part of many hair and makeup programs. As a nail technician, you may perform nail art services, spa treatments, nail cleaning and more. Nail technicians have always been in high demand because these services require a very skilled hand to pull off. If this interests you, make sure the hair and makeup school you’re going to offers nail technician education.

Beauty Educator

Once you’ve learned everything there is to learn and you have many years of experience in the beauty community, what’s next? For many people, the next step is to become an educator and teach the next generation of beauty professionals. Having existing experience in the beauty industry is an important part of this job, but if this is an end goal for you, it’s good to have professional education from a high-quality hair and makeup school.


Clearly, there are nearly endless career options for someone with a good hair and makeup education. If you’ve ever wanted to work in the beauty industry, regardless of what you want to use your skills for, it’s a good idea to start with a quality education. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture can help you build the skills you need to start along the path for any of these careers. Get in contact today to learn more about how Tricoci University can set you up for a lifelong beauty career.


What Should I Do to Choose a Great Hair School Near Me?

Posted on: March 2nd, 2020

There are plenty of hair and cosmetology schools all across the country. The question isn’t whether you can find a hair school in your area; it’s whether you can find a truly great school that will give you a quality education. More than ever before, people are understanding the value of a quality trade education, and that’s exactly what a high-quality cosmetology school offers. If you’re looking for more information on how to narrow down your options for the best hair school near you, here’s a great guide.

Use an Online Search Tool

First off, you need to find a hair school in your area. A good way to do that is to simply take advantage of modern technology and use an online search tool. More and more hair schools are starting to take advantage of the internet to put themselves out there, and it’s a huge benefit to schools that are willing to take that step into the modern age.

When you’re able to find a hair school through an online search tool, it’s easier to understand how that modernization may translate into a school’s actual education approach. For example, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture has upgraded to include many digital learning opportunities, and its optimization for the digital age is one of the ways it showcases that.

Learn About the School’s Accreditations

A beauty school doesn’t legally have to pursue accreditation if it doesn’t want to. However, an accredited school adheres to certain standards set by an outside party. That means when you attend an accredited school, you know you’re getting an education that at least covers certain minimum requirements.

The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences, or NACCAS, is the accrediting board for beauty and cosmetology schools. You should typically look for a beauty school that’s accredited by NACCAS. Not only does it ensure the quality of your education, but it also makes it more likely that you can transfer credits if you need or want to move schools in the future.

Look at the School’s Public Presence

Next, how does the school present itself? Consider a beauty school’s public presence as its resume. In the same way your resume reflects the best parts of your character and offers potential employers a look at your best qualities, a beauty school’s public presence also reflects the best parts of its program.

If a beauty school isn’t at least willing to have a polished website with thoughtful web copy, you may not want to pursue the school any further. After all, that’s the first thing people see when they start to research that school. A beauty school should always put its best foot forward, and you should always see that desire to succeed and surpass expectations.

Talk to the Admissions Team

When you’ve narrowed your choices down to the best few schools, it’s time to get in touch with some admissions experts from the schools themselves. Here, you can ask all the questions a school might not have answers to on its website. Write up a list of questions you might want to ask so you’re able to get all the answers at once.

For example, you may want to inquire further about financial aid or financial requirements if there isn’t a lot of information on the website. You may also need more information about how the individual program works, or what your tuition fees cover. When you get in contact, you can directly ask your questions and get personalized answers, making it easier for you to choose the right school.


Because so many different beauty schools exist nowadays, it’s easy to get caught up in the variety, making it immensely difficult to choose just one. The good news is that a single beauty school with a number of campuses can make it easier for you to make your choice. At Tricoci University, you don’t have to worry about being close enough to the central campus. You can choose from many different campuses spread across Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin, making it easier than ever to achieve a high-quality education. It’s just one way that Tricoci University makes your beauty education easier with every step.


What’s the Real Difference Between Beauty School and Hair School?

Posted on: February 24th, 2020

There are so many different types of beauty schools, and their different names might be confusing. What is the difference between beauty school, hair school, and cosmetology school? Should you pay attention to these differences, or is it okay to ignore them? When you have more information about these distinctions, it’s easier to determine what school to choose for your future. This is everything you need to know.

Legal Distinctions

Legally, there aren’t many differences between something billed as a “beauty school,” a “hair school” or a “cosmetology school.” The government doesn’t have specific requirements for a school to use these terms, so any school of any focus can use them. Typically, that means a school will use whatever it feels applies best.

There also isn’t any general distinction in the beauty world. You’ll often find that a school using an overarching name like “beauty school” will have a wider variety of specializations, whereas a school that uses a specific name like “hair school” will specialize in one certain type of teaching. Because there isn’t an agreed-upon distinction, it’s always more important to look at the differences for each individual school.

A Difference in Teaching Focus

If a school describes itself as a “hair school,” you can reasonably assume that it’ll focus more on hairstyling cosmetology services than other parts of cosmetology. Even if the school boasts an overarching cosmetology program, a self-described “hair school” will probably hone in more on hair than the other parts of cosmetology.

Every group creates a name that it feels most accurately describes it. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture created its name from the name of its founder, Mario Tricoci, and its focus, which is to introduce a new generation of beauty enthusiasts to the trade. Tricoci University offers classes for all sorts of important beauty-based trades, which is why its name encompasses all of them. That showcases its most important intentions, and all cosmetology schools you look through will likely be doing the same thing.

Making the Right Choice

There isn’t a single “right choice” when it comes to the perfect cosmetology school. Different schools will work better for different people. After all, that’s why there are so many schools out there. However, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right school for you, which means finding out a lot of important information about the school you’re most interested in. Pay attention to some important things when you’re determining the best school.

First off, you want to make sure a school provides direction toward whichever licensing program you’re most interested in. Your licensing test will be what showcases your knowledge to potential future employers. You also want to make sure a school has established credentials in the beauty industry, with top-notch individuals driving it. It’s also important that the school you visit offers different types of education, including hands-on experience, so you have the best possible path toward mastering your trade.


You may see the terms “beauty school,” “hair school” and “cosmetology school” passed around when you start to look into education for a future beauty career. What is the difference between beauty school, cosmetology school and hair school? At the end of the day, it all relies on the individual school.

It’s important that you look into each individual school, rather than trying to make a judgment on all beauty schools, all hair schools or all cosmetology schools. Tricoci University offers options for people interested in many different beauty careers, including barbering, nail technology, and esthetics. Regardless of your beauty intentions, Tricoci University can help you make it a reality.