Werewolf Makeup: Step-by-Step Halloween Tutorial
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Werewolf Makeup: Step-by-Step Halloween Tutorial

Posted on: October 8th, 2019

This Halloween, it might not be a full moon, but you can still transform into a supernatural creature using this werewolf makeup tutorial to. It takes just six easy steps to get this spooky look!

Learn how to create this Werewolf Theatrical Makeup from Amy Collazo, Design Team Leader, professional makeup artist and Campus Director at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. We’ll be applying airbrush makeup, but you can follow the same steps using a cream-based product that you already have in your makeup kit.

Step 1: Prep Your Skin

Start with a freshly cleaned face. Apply a water-based moisturizer that’s designed to work with airbrush makeup. Next, let your skin rest at least five minutes so that the moisturizer fully absorbs. Using a Kryolan Airbrush System, apply makeup primer from about six inches away from your face. This will even out your skin tone and give you a base coat that helps the airbrush makeup stay in place.

Step 2: Establish Highlights

Using a liquid highlighter, apply a translucent layer of airbrush makeup along the bridge of the nose, upper cheekbones, and center of the forehead. Build up your highlight, creating a fading gradient that boosts the drama of the look. Set all areas with a translucent powder before moving on.

Step 3: Build Shadows

Start adding in contour using a brown shade such as the M600 Brown color from the Make Up Forever Palette. Build up your contours starting at the jawline, fading up to the cheekbones. Create a triangular widow’s peak at the center of the forehead. Also use the brown shade between the eyes, extending slightly down the center of the nose. Again, set all areas when you’re done with this color.

Step 4: Get Even Darker

Using black airbrush makeup, add even more dark shadows to some areas of the face. Add the black around the eyes and eyelids, extending up past the eyebrows. Add the dark tone along the hairline and on the tip of the nose. Remember to set the makeup before moving on.

Step 5: Add Details

Switching from the airbrush to a black cream-based makeup, use a fine tip brush to create hair strokes. Add these details around the eyes, on the sides of the nose, along the hairline, and extending from any facial hair. Finish with a setting spray.

Step 6: Finish the Werewolf Look

Now that your makeup is done, you can add details! Add black lipstick and mascara. Werewolf-style contact lenses add to the spookiness of the look and help your eyes stand out. You’ll also want to style your hair to match your werewolf costume. You can do a straightforward blowout or something wilder.

werewolf airbrush makeup
werewolf airbrush makeup

Are you ready to take your makeup to the next level? Train to become a professional makeup artist in the Esthetics Program at Tricoci University.

Beauty Career: Hair Braider

Posted on: October 7th, 2019

You can enter one of many job fields after completing a Cosmetology Program. Cosmetology is a huge umbrella term and it includes a variety of general and specialized jobs. Hair braiding is a more specialized job that takes a substantial amount of expertise. If you’re interested in becoming a hair braider as a career, here’s everything you need to know.


A “hair braider” usually doesn’t mean someone who can do general braiding for a variety of hair textures. Instead, these braiders are usually prominent in communities from the African diaspora, including African-American individuals and African immigrants. That means they need to know how to care for and braid hair that’s very textured and has extremely tight curls.

You may also become a “loctician,” an even more specialized job that’s gained popularity in some circles. Locticians specifically help people start and maintain dreadlocks, which requires special care.

Job Outlook

Hair braiding is a traditional form of hairstyling in African communities, which means there has been a demand for hair braiders for decades. However, it’s become more recognized in the general cosmetology world recently.

As diversity increases throughout the United States, and traditional hairstyles become more accepted in a professional context, you’re likely to experience a boom in business. That makes hair braiding a great option.


Every cosmetology career maintains different requirements.


First, it’s important that you get an education in Cosmetology. All states have their own Cosmetology licensing requirements. If you’re exclusively going to practice hair braiding, cosmetology school can prepare you for a variety of other career avenues as well. You can learn everything from owning and operating a salon to performing other cosmetology services.


Although hair braiding is a tradition that stretches back centuries, state governments have only recently started to recognize it as a formal profession. Some states require a specific hair braiding license; some require a general cosmetology license; some require any form of licensing. Talk to other hair braiders or a cosmetology school expert to determine what licenses you might need.


This is one of the informal requirements of hair braiding, but it’s still important. To be a successful hair braider, you’ll want to have some connection to it already. That could mean you already braid people’s hair, you know hair braiders that braid your hair, or you’re just part of a community that practices hair braiding.

Skills for Success

To become a successful hair braider, a few skills will help you through the process. Whether inborn or built through experience, consider trying to check off these skills before you start your hair braiding journey.


Because of the substantial number of steps required for hair braiding, a single session of hair braiding can take multiple hours. If someone is trying dreadlocks for the first time, that specialized care can also take hours. You need to be able to stand on your feet and make repetitive motions for many hours.

Fine Motor Skills

Most traditional braid styles utilize very small braids all across the head. In many styles, especially intricate styles such as cornrows, you need to add very small amounts of hair and manipulate small strands as you braid. That means it’s very important that you have expert fine motor skills that you can maintain for hours.

Efficient Communication

As you braid, the person whose hair you’re braiding will also have to sit and wait for you to finish. You need to make sure they’re comfortable for several hours. Braid styles can also be very personal and intricate, so it’s important to understand what your customer wants.

Marketing and Sales Knowledge

Even if you have all the connections in the world, you’ll still need to advertise your services somehow. Many people also sell hair products from their salons, and that requires some skill. Pay attention to marketing and sales tactics that you learn throughout your cosmetology career for a better outlook.

The Career You Want

Cosmetology is a great opportunity for people to flex their creativity and love their job. If you already love hair braiding, this is a great way to make it into a career. Look into a cosmetology education from Tricoci University of Beauty Culture to start your journey as a hair braider.

Beauty Career: Permanent Makeup Artist

Posted on: October 3rd, 2019

When you think of becoming a makeup artist, you probably think of traditional makeup, which you only apply for a day or less before washing it off. Permanent makeup, however, is a lesser-known style of makeup. If you love to help people, and you’re interested in an education in esthetics, here’s why you may want to consider a career in the permanent makeup field.


When you apply permanent makeup, you can use a few different tools and methods. Most of the time, it’s a similar method as tattooing; some permanent makeup professionals even use the exact same tools as tattooists to apply the makeup. Though it’s not makeup in the traditional sense, many permanent makeup artists also do procedures to implant hair under the skin.

People go to permanent makeup artists for a variety of reasons. Some do it just to avoid the hassle of applying makeup every morning, but it’s also common to seek permanent makeup application because of a disability. Whether an individual doesn’t grow hair, finds it difficult to apply makeup in general, or has an allergy to makeup ingredients, permanent makeup can be a lifesaver.

Job Outlook

As technology progresses, so does the science behind permanent makeup application. People will always seek a more effective or accessible way to apply makeup, which means that permanent makeup artists have a stable job outlook.

Although most permanent makeup artists are self-employed, according to the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, many people enjoy being self-employed. If you’d rather not deal with self-employment, you still have options, because around 13% of permanent makeup artists are employed traditionally.


Every specialized cosmetology career has a set of requirements. Though these may vary from state to state, certain requirements tend to pop up more frequently than others do.


Getting an education in esthetics is an incredibly important part of becoming a permanent makeup artist. Although it’s not always a strict requirement, it puts you above any peers that don’t have the same training. Plus, esthetics training will allow you to perform additional services if you don’t want to exclusively perform permanent makeup services.


Permanent makeup artistry is a new job field, which means that a lot of states don’t have strict licensing requirements. A few do have specific licensing requirements, but many states group permanent makeup artistry with tattooing. It’s important to talk to the permanent makeup artists you want to apprentice under, as well as an esthetics expert, to see what licensing you need.


In states that specifically license permanent makeup artists, there are usually a minimum number of in-school training hours. This is important for your future career, and it doesn’t usually take very long.

Skills for Success

You need a few skills to become a great permanent makeup artist. Make sure you develop these skills through your education esthetics and your in-school training.

Fine Motor Skills

Similarly to tattooing, a steady hand and significant dexterity are important in permanent makeup artistry. Because someone will bear your artwork forever, you need to be able to get things right the first time. You also need to be able to make very small movements accurately.

A Love for Knowledge

Ongoing education can be helpful for both your customers and you. Around 97% of permanent makeup artists partake in continuing education. Technology progresses at an astounding rate, and continuing education allows you to use more advanced techniques on your customers.

Great Personal Interactions

Permanent makeup artistry isn’t always a comfortable experience for the customer. However, if you can interact positively with your customers, they’re more likely to relax through the process. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a positive outlook and have great customer service interactions.

A Career for You

Even if you’ve never heard of professional makeup artists before this article, you might now be interested in pursuing a career in the field. Though it’s a fairly new concept and isn’t always well-recognized in professional spaces, it’s now a permanent fixture in the makeup world. To get started, check out the Esthetics Program at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. Not only will you learn the concepts you need to become a permanent makeup artist, but you’ll also learn other expert skills that you can apply to other cosmetology fields.

Makeup Artist School – What You Need to Know

Posted on: September 26th, 2019

Have you been thinking about going to makeup school?

A career in beauty can be exciting, fulfilling, and oh so gorgeous. In this insider’s guide to makeup school, let’s cover the basics of how to get your education in makeup, types of makeup careers of professional makeup artists.

1. What Does It Take to Be a Makeup Artist?

Getting your certification as a makeup artist can open doors. For new graduates, graduating school as a makeup artist can help you get clients, jobs, and your foot in the door. However, studying makeup has many aspects to it.

First, there’s the actual makeup application. If you’re considering makeup school, you probably already have a knack for applying makeup, but through makeup training, you’ll learn and practice new and exciting approaches. For example, you’ll learn about adjusting to skin tones, skin types, and creating beautiful looks for all ages.

Next, there’s the creative side. As a makeup artist, you’ll be working with color, style, and face shape to create beautiful looks. The most creative of makeup students push the envelope with expressive and cutting-edge styles.

Professional makeup artists also have good people skills. In the beauty business, you’ll need to be able to listen to what the client wants and communicate any suggestions clearly. Frequently, good communication helps you have happy clients.

2. What Are the Types of Makeup Courses?

The Esthetics Program at Tricoci University includes classroom training, hands-on practice in a student salon, and business classes.

Makeup courses start with the foundations of skin care, including skin science, treatments to improve skin tone, and creating a healthy canvas for makeup application. Additional spa treatments are taught, including facial massage, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels. Makeup application courses build upon this knowledge, helping you to understand how to achieve the looks you want. Plus, business classes teach you about marketing and sales, as well as safety and sanitation practices.

3. How Should You Prepare for Makeup School?

Whether you’re attending makeup school immediately after high school, or are deciding to become an MUA later in life, your preparations will be the same.

First, take a look at the admissions process for getting into a good Esthetics school. At Tricoci University, there’s a minimum age requirement, and the only prerequisite is that students have a high school diploma or GED.

Next, review what financial aid the makeup schools near you offer. Because at 16 of the campuses at Tricoci University have been approved by the U.S. Department of Education, students are eligible for federal student aid, including grants and loans. Plus, beauty scholarships can help you to get even more help to attend makeup school.

4. How Long Is Makeup School?

The length of time that students attend makeup school will vary based upon the curriculum.

Tricoci University’s Esthetics Program for professional makeup artists and estheticians is 750 hours of study. Full-time students can graduate in as little as six months, and part-time students can complete the program in as little as nine months.

5. What Are Fun and Interesting Areas of Makeup Artistry?

There are so many exciting areas of makeup artistry to explore, including the following:

  • Makeup Trends: What’s next in makeup? See for yourself by attending fashion shows, looking for niche cultural movements, and watching for trends in fashion districts such as Paris or Milan.
  • Makeup and Gender: As the conversation about gender has become wider, the new role of makeup and gender is poised for exploration.
  • Makeup Science: If you have a knack for chemistry or cooking, studying the science of makeup can be an interesting way to discover product interactions, blend your own formulas, or to explore all-natural products.
  • Zombie Makeup: The specialized makeup artists of The Walking Dead may have set the standard for undead style, but zombie special effects makeup has become a category of its own.
  • Makeup Psychology: As a makeup artist, you help people feel beautiful. This perception of beauty can be an important part of salon culture.

6. What Are Your Career Opportunities as a Professional Makeup Artist?

It’s a strong job market for makeup professionals. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that in the next decade, there will be 8 percent job growth, which is faster than average.

Consider some of these diverse career options for students who attend makeup college:

  • Salon and Spa Makeup Artist: As a staff makeup artist, you’ll have a diverse range of clients. This can include regulars, guests who are combining hair and makeup treatments, and guests who want their makeup done for a special event.
  • Bridal Makeup Artist: To look perfect on the big day, both the bride and the bridal party often use a special makeup artist to get their looks just right.
  • Celebrity Makeup Artist: If you want to work with high-profile clients, a job as a celebrity makeup artist may give you a chance to create those red-carpet looks.
  • Makeup Educator: The Esthetics Teacher Program at Tricoci University teaches students how to become teachers so that they can work at a makeup school.
  • Screen and Stage Makeup Artist: Work as a makeup artist on movies, TV, and in the theater. If you’re interested in the film industry, consider building connections to filming hot spots such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and New York.
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist: As an SFX makeup artist, you can create interesting illusions ranging from the fantastical to the gruesome, and there’s subtle makeup artistry such as altering someone’s age.
  • Runway Makeup Artist: These trendsetters are on the cutting edge, helping to create looks that complement a designer’s aesthetic.
  • Makeup Brand Agent: When you work with a makeup brand, either in a department store or as an online ambassador, you’ll combine your makeup application knowledge with your sales and people skills.

Learn more about how attending makeup school can launch your career in beauty.

Fruit Loops Hair Color, How To

Posted on: April 2nd, 2019

By Patricia Galbavy, Cosmetology Master Educator

Create the Look

Before you start, remember that it’s ok to lay different colors on top of each other. Pulp Riot hair colors won’t bleed! Don’t forget to adjust your colors as needed depending on the undertone or pre-tone the hair. Ex: add violet to any color if yellow is still present in hair.

  1. Start with a horizontal parting in the nape and apply color in a crisscross application
  2. Move to a radial parting in the crown area
  3. Diagonal forward parting in front quads
  4. Keep at towel to wipe hand in between different colors when applying
  5. Explain color maintenance to your guests, such as sulfate free shampoo & conditioner and that less shampooing will make colors last longer

Note: All these partings were to work with her haircut.

Products Used

Pulp Riot in Candy with Cupid
Pulp Riot in Lemon
Pulp Riot in Powder
Pulp Riot in Seaglass
Pulp Riot in Lilac

Why Pulp Riot

Because it’s beautiful – obviously. But Pulp Riot semi-permanent hair color have other amazing qualities as well. Pulp Riot won’t bleed into other colors which are key with a look like this. The colors will also last 20 shampoos, are sulfate free, and vegan. But the best part is that they fade true to color. Which means your blue won’t fade to green, it will fade to a lighter blue.


Behind the Scenes: Zodiac Signs

Posted on: February 21st, 2019

The Design Team at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is made up of elite stylists, colorists, make-up artists, estheticians, barbers, and other professionals that use those talents to create the majority of the images you see within the campuses and marketing material. During their most recent photoshoot for the zodiac signs themed Creative Demo coming up in March of 2019, Amy Collazo, Design Team Leader, fills us in on all of the behind the scenes fun and inspiration for the looks.

“As part of the Design Team our job is to organize all of next year’s themes by the fall of the previous year. During 2018, we used our students, staff, and guests on Facebook help us narrow down the final 3 photoshoot and creative demo themes for 2019.  First on our list for 2019 was Zodiac Signs.” says Amy Collazo.

Part of the Design Team’s job is to attend as many industry shows and events as possible in order to research upcoming beauty trends and themes to inspire our students.

“We wanted to portray who we really are based on our signs. During our first meeting, we selected 4 zodiac signs that represented 4 of our Design Team members and then narrowed it down by the element of creativity. We knew that Sagittarius needed to be fierce, so we drew our inspiration from the female archer. Her look needed to be adventurous and have a passion to lead the pack. She is an alpha female. We really wanted Taurus to represent the strength and focus of the bull. We wanted him to have a natural rugged look, with sharp and defined features. For Scorpio, we wanted to showcase the dark side of beauty. We gave her a classic hairstyle with a twist, and her eye makeup mirrored the black coating of a real scorpion. Our Gemini was, of course, the “twin.” The light and dark, the soft and sharp.” says Amy Collazo.

For every photoshoot the Design Team does there are equally as inspiring storyboards that go with them. These storyboards are built from pictures, art, colors, and overall inspiration for each look, including a headshot of the model’s face and hair for reference.

“On the day of the shoot, we really use the storyboards only as guides, that way during the shoot we can really unleash our creativity and what we’re feeling from the hair and makeup in the moment. It’s honestly amazing to see what the team comes up with on the day of the shoot just using those boards as a baseline. We all get our hands on each model and get to add our own touches. It’s like a conversation that one person starts and the other person finishes. The best part of these photo shoots is being able to use some of our most talented students from each of the campuses as our assistants. The students get hands-on experience with all the models and the environment of what it’s like to work on a real photo shoot set. These shoots are so important to the Design Team because we want to inspire our students to think outside the box when it comes to our creative demos and help show the importance of what good teamwork can create.”

The Zodiac Signs Creative Demo and Beauty Showcase will take place on Thursday, March 21st, 2019 at 6pm at all 16 Tricoci University campuses. For more information on the event please check out our Facebook page.

The Team

Amy Collazo – Hair and Makeup
Bearj Antonio – Facebook Live
Deana Boozer – Hair
Erin DiGangi – Photographer and Producer
Glynis Gonzalez – Support
Trish Galbavy – Hair
Sam Parker – Makeup
Tony Geyser – Hair

Models included Andrew Waldrop, Miriam Coix, Bella Crum, Dhruval Patel

Tricoci University Opening Campus in Normal, IL

Posted on: January 15th, 2018

Enrollment Now Underway for New Tricoci University of Beauty Culture Normal Campus, Classes Set to Begin in March

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is excited to announce the addition of its 16th campus location in Normal, Illinois. Enrollment is underway at the new Normal Cosmetology school and Esthetics school, and classes are set to begin in March.

“We are very excited about the addition of our Normal campus, and we look forward to offering our renowned beauty education to even more future beauty professionals in Central Illinois,” says Ross Bravo, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture CEO. Tricoci University’s other Central Illinois campuses are located in Peoria, Danville, and Urbana.

Tricoci University’s new Normal campus, located at 755 W. Raab Street, will offer programs in Cosmetology and Esthetics to students seeking training for a career in the beauty industry. In June, the campus will begin offering affordable beauty services to guests from the Bloomington-Normal area, and the surrounding communities.

Awarded ‘Excellence in Education’ by Modern Salon

Posted on: November 21st, 2017

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture Honored for Facilities, Marketing, School Culture and Technology IN “EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION” program

MODERN SALON Media Honors Tricoci University of Beauty Culture in multiple categories in Annual “Excellence in Education” Cosmetology Recognition Program

CHICAGO, IL – MODERN SALON Media has named the 2017 class of “Excellence in Education” honorees in its seventh annual program recognizing leadership and best practices among cosmetology schools. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture of Chicago, Illinois, was chosen to represent excellence in the following categories: Facilities, Marketing Innovation, School Culture, and Technology. MODERN SALON Publisher Steve Reiss announced the honorees during the AACS (American Association of Cosmetology Schools) 2017 convention in Las Vegas on October 21st.

Honorees were determined based on key criteria in each category and grouped according to the number of locations. Honorees were chosen in each category—one individual school location, and a multi-location school organization.

“We received applications from cosmetology schools across the country and look forward to celebrating all the 2017 Excellence in Education honorees and sharing their stories.  It is truly a great time to pursue a beauty education and career, and the program at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture exemplifies that fact,” MODERN SALON Editorial Director Michele Musgrove says.

“This achievement couldn’t be possible without all of our amazing associates that work so hard for our students and each other every single day,” explains Krista Smith, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. “This is another proud moment of recognition that will be celebrated throughout our organization.”

Sharing stories of innovation, inspiration, and collaboration from a diverse group of leading schools is an important part of MODERN SALON’s “Excellence in Education” mission, Musgrove explains. “We want to help spread the word about the exceptional work cosmetology schools are doing to help launch beautiful careers. We hope the professional salon industry and their communities will join us in celebrating them.”

Brittany Bottenhagen Goes to Bootcamp

Posted on: October 2nd, 2017

Brittany Bottenhagen isn’t necessarily the prime candidate for summer camp, per se, but she is an excellent candidate for James Ryder’s illustrious makeup focused Bootcamp in Los Angelos. Cosmetology and Esthetics students are handpicked from around the country to attend James Ryder’s highly coveted Makeup Labs Bootcamp, which means getting in is like a scene from Mean Girls. “I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.”

Brittany, like the majority of the students who’ve attended, got accepted by attending his 2 part, 10-hour workshop held at the Marriott Hotel in Oak Brook, IL. “The last hour of the second half of class we could create any fantasy look we wanted, and based off if they liked your work, they’d invite you to the bootcamp. I showed his partner, Olivia, a picture of the fantasy look I wanted to do to get her opinion and I was going to do a mermaid. She then says ‘Oh, James didn’t tell you?’ And me confused, I said ‘No, didn’t tell me what?’ Then she proceeded to tell me and all the other 45 people in the class that we couldn’t do a mermaid look. I found a geometric kind of looking picture that I decided to do and I pretty much just said let’s hope for the best because I really wanted to be invited to bootcamp.”

James Ryder and his assistant Olivia are notorious for their stone-like expressionless faces during the final creation of looks. They walk around not saying anything and not giving any hint of whether what you’re doing is good or bad. Can you say stress? However during this particular workshop, while Brittany was in the middle of doing her look, their other assistant, while heavily eyeballing her work, said ‘I like it’. Wait, whaaaa?

Brittany had decided to go to cosmetology school because she had always known she wanted to do something different. Never really being into the whole “traditional schooling, go to college for 4 years thing,” she had always been interested in hair and makeup. Then after a year of being out of high school and still just working, and not being very happy with the life she was living, Brittany took the plunge and finally signed up for Tricoci University’s Cosmetology Program at the Glendale Heights campus.

So as the timer went off, they called Brittany and about 9 other people up front; she was nervous. James meticulously went through each of the final looks and let everyone know what he thought about their work. When he came to Brittany, though she was nervous that he wouldn’t like it, he invited her to the James Ryder Makeup Labs Bootcamp.

While at bootcamp, Brittany met some wonderful people and role models that she’ll “hopefully be in touch with for the rest of my life.” Brittany and the other “campers” were taught what it would be like in the worst possible scenario on a movie, TV, or magazine setting. And on the third day, they learned prosthetic work – which was incredible. Brittany had a very rough start to the week and thought that maybe she wasn’t up to par with the other students. And from the start she thought, maybe she didn’t deserve to be there. When the last day came around something had changed. She started working a little bit faster and a little bit harder. She was getting look after look done, including her very last look which was her most intricate and detailed. Once she was done and James was about to shoot the look, he was so impressed he told everyone to look at her work and what a beautiful job she had done. And on that Wednesday night, they made her group leader.

Brittany chose Tricoci University because she knew it was a reputable school and she had been to Mario Tricoci Salons & Spas before and they had always done amazing work. When she came to TUBC to get her tour, she says she was greeted with nothing but smiles. All the students she saw looked like they were actually enjoying themselves, as where when she had visited other cosmetology schools in the area, “I definitely got a very different vibe.”

“Some advice I have (for other students) is just to push through no matter what – and get your signoffs done! I hit a wall probably about a couple of months ago and I finally got through it. I’ve just been pushing myself to make sure I graduate as soon as I can. Just do all you can to keep your attendance up and always be kind to everyone you’re at school with.”

“To all my teachers and all the staff at TUBC I just want to say thank you. All my teachers have been nothing but supportive and wonderful throughout my whole career at TUBC. I feel so lucky that I started at such a great campus and I have such a good relationship with all of my teachers.”


Brittany’s ride or die YouTubers and Instagrammers are definitely Nikkitutorials, Jeffree Star, and Manny MUA. “I feel like I have a similar personality to Nikki, and just her mannerisms and she always does such BEAUTIFUL work that it’s hard not to love her. I like Jeffree and Manny because they’re honest about the products and they don’t sugar coat things. And Jeffree’s product line is AMAZING as well. I have about 25 of his lipsticks, 3 of his highlighters and his makeup palette.”


Instagram: @brittanybottenhagenmua
Facebook: @Brittany-Bottenhagen-MUA

TUBC Expands: New Janesville, WI Location

Posted on: September 6th, 2017

Tricoci University to build upon the established reputation of the Academy of Cosmetology in Janesville, Wisconsin

Tricoci University is pleased to welcome its first Wisconsin campus location to its growing family of schools. The addition allows Tricoci University to serve a new market while leaning into the established reputation of the Academy of Cosmetology in Janesville, Wis.

“We are very excited about merging with the Academy of Cosmetology,” says Ross Bravo, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture CEO. “This is more than a new market and 15th location for us; this acquisition introduces our brand and high standards into a new state.”

Tricoci University’s new Janesville campus, located at 2310 W. Court Street, will offer a Cosmetology Program to students seeking training for a career in the beauty industry. It will also continue to provide affordable beauty services to guests residing in Janesville and the surrounding communities.

About Tricoci University

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is a premier beauty education provider with 15 locations throughout Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Tricoci University is focused on producing salon-ready graduates that are prepared for successful careers in the beauty industry. Founded by international beauty industry leader Mario Tricoci, Tricoci University is developing a new type of beauty professional by using innovative teaching methods, an interactive learning platform, and upscale facilities. All guest services are provided by students under the supervision of licensed instructors.