Cosmetology Scholarships

Cosmetology Scholarships

If you’re considering starting your journey toward a fulfilling career in cosmetology, you may be wondering the cost of cosmetology school in your area. As with any higher education or specialized training, there is a cost associated. However, at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, we aim to make your investment as reasonable and manageable as possible. That’s why we offer a variety of financial aid opportunities, including a wide range of scholarships for cosmetology students.

Scholarships for Cosmetology School

There are a number of scholarship and grant opportunities available for cosmetology students, esthetician students, barber students, and more. For those interested in cosmetology, you may qualify as a part or full-time student.

If you’re interested in the details for which scholarships you may be eligible to receive, there are four important application dates you should be aware of for the 2022 calendar year: February 29, May 31, August 31 or November 31.

Check out the full calendar for details on how to apply, total amount, and other important details about each scholarship or grant you may qualify for.

Scholarships for Beauty School at Tricoci University

We are committed to making a career in the beauty industry affordable for anyone. That means students in any of our programs are encouraged to apply for the scholarships and grants available.

The scholarships offered in the calendar from Beauty Changes Lives are just some of the ways you can fund your beauty education.

You could also qualify for a beauty scholarship specifically from Tricoci University or other supporting organizations and programs. Cosmetology students could qualify for the Arnold Miller | Find-a-Way Scholarship, Vidal Sassoon Scholarship or a grant from the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS).

Esthetics students could qualify for the Sydell L. Miller | Total Image Scolarship, the NCEA Esthetician Scholarship or the Murad Esthetic Education Scholarship Program. Nail Technology Students could qualify for the CND Advanced Master Nail Scholarship Program.

Students attending programs for barbering or makeup artistry could qualify for a scholarship from the Beauty Schools Directory.

Because Tricoci University is accredited through the U.S. Department of Education, students studying cosmetology, barbering, esthetics and nail technology could qualify for other financial assistance to help cover any remaining costs.

Anyone attending an accredited beauty school can fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to qualify for additional funding through financial aid. If you’re planning to attend beauty school right after high school, you may have already filled out a FAFSA.

When you apply for financial aid, you could be offered opportunities such as Federal Pell Grants or low-interest student loans. There’s also the option to qualify for interest-free payment plans directly through Tricoci University.

Every student’s financial needs are different, as are the specific scholarships, grants, and aid they may qualify for. We work with each of our students to help them receive as much help as possible. If you do not qualify for aid to cover the full cost of your beauty school education, our financial aid department can work with you to create a manageable payment plan so you can pursue your passion in cosmetology without the added stress of wondering how you’re going to pay the bills or cover your other living expenses. Fill out the form below for more information and to get in touch with our financial aid department.

Each cosmetology scholarship and grant opportunity has specific requirements for students interested in applying. While the requirements will vary from opportunity to opportunity, here are a few things you are likely to run into when looking for financial aid to help you on your cosmetology education journey:

  • Video submissions. These vary in length and content required for each opportunity.
  • Online applications. Many scholarships and grants include an online application that eligible applicants must fill out and submit alongside any other required materials
  • Specific life experience Some scholarships aim to help students who have faced specific hardships or circumstances. Make sure to check the details of each opportunity to make sure you qualify before applying.

Get started on your future with scholarships for cosmetology students.

Calendar of Scholarships for Cosmetology School 2022

Application deadlines for the Beauty Changes Lives scholarship opportunities vary, but important application deadlines for students to note for enrollment in 2022 are: February 29, May 31, August 31 or November 31. See the full calendar for specific deadlines and information for each opportunity.

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