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Spanning 9000 square feet, with convenient onsite parking and access via Janesville public transit, this modern campus features a comprehensive clinic, dedicated theory room, fully-stocked dispensary and specialized manicure and pedicure stations. In our on-site student salon, you’ll get real world experience delivering high end services under expert supervision. With its well-equipped classrooms and knowledgeable instructors, Tricoci’s Janesville campus is the ideal place to receive high quality education and begin your journey to a career in the beauty industry.

The Janesville campus offers 2 programs:

Our diverse staff brings specialized training to the table, ensuring you develop the crucial skills and in-depth knowledge to set you up for success. Our admissions team would love to answer any questions and help you create a plan that works for you.

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Are you an aspiring hairdresser, colorist, cosmetologist or makeup artist? Our Janesville campus offers cutting-edge cosmetology training tailored to your individual needs. As a full-time student, you could be serving clients in as little as 12 months. In our part-time program, you could complete your studies in 17-20 months.

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In the Aesthetics program, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the skin, from understanding different skin types to performing treatments, so you can help people feel their best. Our full-time program can be completed in just six months.

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What Programs Are Available at the Janesville Campus?>
At the Janesville campus, you can pursue a full-time or part-time education in Cosmetology, or a full-time schedule in the Esthetics program. You’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to prepare you for a successful career in as little time as possible.
Does the Janesville Campus Have a Student Salon?>
Tricoci’s Janesville location includes a well-equipped student salon. This location allows students to practice professional work in a supportive and realistic environment, offering high-quality services to salon guests.
What’s in my Janesville Student Kit?>
Every eligible student at Tricoci University is provided a Student Kit on the first day of class. This kit contains everything you’ll need for a successful education, including professional tools like salon equipment and mannequins. The kit also includes an Apple iPad that includes curriculum materials and a student handbook.
Is the Janesville Campus Right for Me?>
Tricoci’s Janesville location offers tremendous opportunities for budding beauty experts in the area. With modern facilities and an on-site student salon, this campus is a great choice for anyone seeking top-notch education to prepare for a career in Cosmetology or Aesthetics. Financial aid options are available. Reach out to our admissions team and start your journey today.

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