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First Day of Cosmetology School

February 15th, 2013


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After your cosmetology school has accepted you, you’ve set up payment and financial aid, you’ve gotten all your supplies together, and you’ve mapped out your commute, you face possibly the most terrifying element of your cosmetology education: starting classes. The first day of cosmetology school is going to be scary for most people. Here’s what you need to know if you want to get the best cosmetology experience on the first day.

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You’ll Get a Lot of Information

First and foremost, you’re going to end up with a lot of information from a lot of different sources, from those who assist you with admissions to your educators. This is totally normal. You might feel overwhelmed at the end of the first day. Don’t let that concern you too much. If you feel totally overwhelmed the first day, give it a few more days. Chances are, you’ll eventually settle into a rhythm that feels comfortable and not at all overwhelming.

It’s Always Okay to Ask Questions

If you feel overwhelmed because you feel like you’ve missed something, feel free to ask about it! Remember, you’re here to learn. Don’t let your worries about “feeling dumb” hold you back from asking those crucial questions. You’re not dumb for asking questions. Most of the time, the smartest people in a class are the ones who are asking the most questions. Your teachers are eager to help you succeed and will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Everyone Else Is Nervous Too

Sure, your classmates might look self-assured and confident, but they’re likely just as nervous as you are. It’s normal to be nervous when you are starting something new. Once you gain some experience in your classes, you’ll feel right at home in your classes. Don’t feel discouraged if you are anxious; . everyone’s nervous on their first day of class, and that includes the incredibly confident-looking student who seems like they know everything.

Your Teachers Are There to Help You


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Your teachers shouldn’t make you feel silly for not knowing something in class. Your teachers want you to succeed and are there to be a resource and a guide.When you ask questions, that gives your teachers the opportunity to address your needs and concerns in a direct and clearway. If you’re still having problems no matter what your teacher explains, consider asking for more help after class. Many teachers are happy to help you work on a problem after class.

You’re Not Supposed to Know Everything

Cosmetology is a trade. In cosmetology school, you’re learning skills and information that the general public doesn’t know. When you first enter cosmetology school, you won’t know everything right away, and that’s ok!. Don’t worry if you don’t know a lot of the things your teacher is talking about. It’s information you’ll learn as you progress through cosmetology school.

It’s Good to Explore and Find out What You Love

Cosmetology encompasses many different career paths, and most people will end up choosing a specialty at some point through cosmetology school. You won’t figure out your ideal specialty on the first day of class, but the first day of class, and each class going forward, should give you some extra information about each specialty. This is where you’ll start to gravitate toward one specialty or another. Follow your heart in these areas; it’ll guide you toward something you love.


Cosmetology school is about more than just the first day, but that first day can be hugely important for many people. If you’re hoping to succeed in the world of cosmetology, you need to make sure you’re with a beauty school that cares about you from the first day forward. Consider talking to a Tricoci University of Beauty Culture expert about the cosmetology program to learn more about how you can have a great first day of class.


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