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Urbana Beauty School, Illinois

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture in Urbana, Illinois

Tricoci University in Urbana, Illinois sits on US 150/45 at 202 E. University Avenue. Here, students can enjoy ready access to a litany of classrooms, salons, and dispensaries where generations of salon owners, cosmetologists, and estheticians worked before them.

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture in Urbana, Illinois offers both of the following programs to its student body:

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Our Programs

Urbana Campus that
Redefine the Beauty Industry

Our cosmetology program is one of the most up-to-date, technically precise, and versatile in the field today. With our help, you can learn the skills needed to become a top-quality hairdresser, colorist, stylist, nail technician, makeup artist, or esthetician. Our courses are also versatile and can be taken on a part or full-time basis.

  • Full Time – (37.5 Hours/Week) 10-12 Months
  • Part Time – (22.5 Hours/Week) 17-20 Months

The esthetics program at the Urbana campus is a top-notch program to pursue studies in esthetics. With a dual focus on scientific theory and practical skills, we give our students both an understanding of the needs of healthy skin and the skills to provide effective treatments and care in a number of ways.

  • Full Time – (37.5 Hours/Week) 5-6 Months
  • Part Time – (22.5 Hours/Week) 9 Months

Students accepted into Tricoci University have a few different financial aid options available to them.

Students who want to avoid the stress of paying a lump sum for their tuition can instead work with university representatives to sign up for the interest-free university tuition payment plan. Through the plan, students can pay off their tuition on a monthly basis.

To learn more about this campus and its available programs, please visit our Consumer Information section.

Guest Services

Experience High-Level salon and spa services

Guest Services at the Student Salon

Tricoci University is proud to open up student-run salons and spas to the general public. Students in both of the trade school’s programs will have the opportunity to improve their skills on real clients. In turn, clients pay reduced fees for professional hair styling, makeup application, and more.

Guest Service Hours

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

NOTE: Please contact your campus to schedule an appointment. Not all services are available at all times. Hours and availability may vary by program.

Beauty History of Urbana, IL

Illinois has long boasted a telling beauty history. Students at Tricoci University will have the opportunity to look through years of Miss Illinois competitions as well as some of the most recent fashion trends, including frosted eyelashes, for inspiration and their own cosmetic growth.

Beauty Events in Urbana, IL

Students in the Urbana, Illinois area can visit the annual Re-Fashioned Fashion show at the University of Illinois to explore the cross-section between sustainability and modern fashion. So too can they connect with the Glam Squad at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, a conglomerate of beauty influencers who’ve made a name for themselves on the modern social media market.


Frequently Asked Questions
About Urbana Beauty School

As mentioned, Tricoci University offers two different programs for students to choose from: the cosmetology program and the esthetics program. Students in the cosmetology program have the opportunity to experiment not only with hairstyles but with makeup application for day-to-day wear and special occasions. Comparatively, students in the esthetics program will undergo training regarding day-to-day skincare and client assessment.

The Urbana campus has a student salon on-site. Students in both of Tricoci University’s programs will have the opportunity to spend hours in the salon honing their craft. In turn, members of the public who make their way into the salon can receive up-and-coming hair and facial treatments at reduced costs. Here, students will get experience working with real clients to perfect both technical beauty skills, as well as business and operational skills.

All students who attend Tricoci University at Urbana, Illinois will receive a student kit upon their admission. This kit will include all of the tools a student needs to thrive, including an Apple iPad. Students will be encouraged to use these toolkits, both to facilitate e-learning and to successfully make their way through the course of their choosing.

Finding the best campus to go to is a personal matter. However, the Urbana Campus is designed to help burgeoning students find their feet in the world of cosmetology and esthetics. When you come to campus, you’ll have the opportunity to make the most of the many student lounges, a student salon, and unique local beauty events that set Urbana apart from the rest of the state. To discuss whether or not the Urbana campus is the right campus for you, you can reach out to one of the Tricoci University experts.

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