$20 = 20% OFF every visit, every time; for 20 weeks.

No exclusions!*

Guests that purchase a Preferred Guest Membership for $20 will receive an exclusive VIP-20 discount card. The preferred guest can then use their VIP-20 card to receive 20 % off everything for the next 20 weeks. The discount benefit will be applied to both services and retail products preferred guests purchase during any visit to any TUBC Campus. The VIP-20 card must be presented at the time of service/sale to receive the benefits and must be accompanied with a photo ID.

VIP20 Program Details

Q: Will I get the membership discount on the day I enroll in VIP-20?

A: Yes. When you pay the $20 membership fee, your benefits begin immediately and you’ll get a VIP-20 card.

Q: Can I use the membership benefits more than once a month?

A: Yes. Your preferred guest membership allows you unlimited use of the VIP-20 card for 20 weeks. The more you use it, the more you save.

Q: Can I apply the membership benefits towards services or retail products that are already on special or promotion?

A: Yes. Your membership benefit is applied at the end of each transaction for an additional 20% OFF; providing you with greater savings.

Q: Can I give a Preferred Guest Membership / VIP-20 card as a gift?

A: Yes. You may purchase a gift card (or certificate) in the amount of $20 which then can be used for a Preferred Guest Membership.

Q: What if my gift recipient doesn’t want to redeem the card for a membership?

A: No problem. All TUBC gift cards and certificates can be redeemed for the dollar amount on the card/certificate and applied towards any service or retail product.

Q: What if I decide I no longer want to be a preferred guest member? Can I get a refund?

A: No. Once you have used the VIP-20 card, you are not eligible to receive a membership refund.

Q: If I bring guests with me for services, can I apply the VIP-20 card to their services?

A: No. Membership benefits are only applied to our preferred guest members’ services.

Q: Will my VIP-20 membership renew automatically?

A: No, but we invite you to re-enroll every 20 weeks to continue enjoying member benefits and great savings.

To learn more, or purchase a preferred guest membership, please visit a TUBC campus.

*VIP-20 Discount is not valid towards the purchase of gift cards, but the discount can be used if paying with a gift card. TUBC Staff and Students are not eligible to participate in the VIP-20 program.