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Cosmetology & Esthetician
Schools in Illinois

Cosmetology School
Locations in Illinois

If you’re considering cosmetology school, it’s important to find the right school in the right location for you. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture offers a number of cosmetology and esthetician programs to help you make your dream career a reality.

Whether you’re looking for a program directly in the Chicago metro area or are hoping to find something in another part of Illinois, Tricoci Beauty University has you covered. We offer 7 locations throughout the state so you can choose a location near you that suits your needs. Check out our full list of locations below for more information:

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Whether your passion lies in coloring, styling, cutting, makeup artistry, or you simply want to learn the ins and outs of cosmetology as a business, we have a program for you. If barbering or esthetics are more in line with your goals, our programs for each are exceptional as well.

Illinois Esthetics Program
Tricoci Esthetics School Opportunities

Esthetics Program

If skincare, eyebrows and lashes are more your speed, our esthetician program is just what you need. Immersing yourself in our esthetics program will give you the tools you need to not only do well on the job, but to market yourself as a beauty professional, too.

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Cosmetology Program

Whatever facet of hair styling and care calls to you, our cosmetology program is dedicated to helping you master it and prepare for your career after graduation.

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Illinois Cosmetology Program
Tricoci Esthetics School Guide

Illinois Barbering Program
Tricoci Esthetics School Scholarships

Barbering Program

Barbering is it’s own unique art form and our program is designed to help you understand the specific skills needed to excel as a barber, barbershop manager, or men’s hair stylist.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Illinois Beauty School

We offer flexible class schedules so you can fit your education into your schedule. For this reason, it can take part time students longer to graduate than full time students. The full length of the program is 1500 hours.

Barber school requires 1,500 hours of education. A full-time student can graduate within one year, taking just under 40 hours of classes a week.

Depending on your schedule and status as full or part time student, finishing our Esthetician program can vary in length of time. Most of our students finish the esthetician program in 34 weeks as a part time student or 20 weeks as a full time student.

The cost of your program will depend on a number of variables relating to your specific education tract. However, we believe that an education is an investment that you should be able to make without getting in over your head with debt. For that reason, we work to provide financial aid and make paying for your cosmetology education simple, straightforward, and less of a burden.

The cost of your esthetics education will depend on a number of factors. We offer many financial aid options to make affording the program easier.

The cost of barber school in Illinois varies by program, specialization, and more. Check out our financial aid page for more information on what you might qualify for to make barber school more affordable.