Beauty School Affordability

When you first start considering college, your first question will most likely be how you will be able to pay for it. This is a natural concern, but there is no need to be anxious about your financial concerns. Tricoci has many tools that you can use to make your education more affordable.

Financial Aid Resources

Financial aid comes in many different forms; you may want to apply for one or more of these financial aid options during your time at Tricoci University.

  • Federal Grants

Federal grants are federal funds that you do not have to pay back. The most well-known federal grant is the Pell Grant, which can be awarded to undergraduate students without a bachelor’s or professional degree.

  • Federal Loans

Federal loans, unlike federal grants, are federal funds that you do have to pay back. The benefit of federal loans over private loans is that you will often be able to get a much lower percentage rate on the interest you have to pay back.

  • Monthly Payments

If you do not qualify for federal grants or loans or you are simply looking for other options, Tricoci University offers the option to pay for your college education in monthly installments. This way, you can pay off your tuition interest-free.

  • VETERANS AFFAIRS (VA) Education Benefits

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at

Scholarship Resources

Another option our students can utilize is scholarships. These scholarship options could be the perfect opportunity to maximize affordability.

  • Scholarships to Pay Academic Costs

The most common scholarship available is a type of scholarship that can only go toward your academic costs. These can still be immensely helpful for people struggling with affordability. However, it is important to note that you can usually only use de money to cover your tuition costs.

  • Scholarships to Pay Living Costs

Less common, but still available, are scholarships you can use to cover your living costs in addition to tuition. If you do not think you will have time and energy to work while you go to school, these scholarships can be a lifesaver and allow you to live on your own through college.

  • Staying on Top of Scholarships

Tricoci University offers a Beauty Scholarships page where you can browse through a variety of currently available beauty scholarships. Make sure you pay attention to submission deadlines, notification dates, and anything other specific requests that are important.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students have many questions about financial aid. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions at Tricoci University.

  • How Do I Apply for Financial Aid?

You may need to go through different processes depending on the type of financial aid you are applying for. For applying for federal aid this includes filling out a FAFSA form, which may require personal and financial information.

  • What Is the FAFSA?

The FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is what you will fill out if you’re looking to get financial aid for school from the government. This financial aid is means-tested, so you’ll get a different amount depending on your financial situation.

  • When should I complete the FAFSA?

Students should apply for financial aid as soon as possible each year. The FAFSA® is available on October 1st.

  • Will Bad Credit Block Me From Obtaining Financial Aid?

Federal financial aid does not work like applying for a loan. The government will not check your credit to see whether you are eligible for financial aid. Instead, the government assesses your financial need to see how much financial aid it can offer.

  • Do I Need to Provide Information From My Parents for Financial Aid?

This depends on a variety of factors, including your age, your marital status, and if your parents provide financial support. Talk to an expert if you are not receiving aid from your parents, but you think their income may disqualify you.

  • Who Do I Contact to Pay Back My Loans?

If you are attempting to pay back loans from Tricoci University, there are many options, including repayment plans to get you back on track. Contact a team member today to learn more about your loan options.

  • What If my Personal or Financial Information Changes After I Complete The Financial AID

Federal regulations allow aid administrators to consider extenuating circumstances when calculating aid eligibility, especially if your situation changes during the application process. If you or your family experiences any of the following, please contact the financial aid office:

  1. Death of a parent or spouse
  2. Physical impairment
  3. Divorce or separation
  4. Unusual medical or dental expenses
  5. Recent loss of employment
  6. Dramatic change in income

Tricoci University Codes for FAFSA

When you are filling out the FAFSA, you will need to include a code that tells the government which school you’re attending. Here are the FAFSA codes for all Tricoci University schools.


Campus FAFSA Code Campus FAFSA Code
Illinois Chicago NE 041473 Chicago NW 041375
Bridgeview 041472 Danville 016393
Elgin 041471 Glendale Heights 041473
Libertyville 041471 Rockford 041475
Peoria 041474 Urbana 016393
Indiana Bloomington 026070 Indianapolis 041309
Highland 011505 Lafayette 010409
Wisconsin Janesville 041186