Use the following links to obtain program information, including costs, median debt assumed by students, on-time completion and placement rates for our graduates by campus and program.


Bridgeview Barber

Bridgeview Cosmetology

Bridgeview Esthetics

Bridgeview Cosmetology Teacher 600 Hours

Bridgeview Cosmetology Teacher 1000 Hours

Bridgeview Esthetics Teacher

Bridgeview Barber Teacher 600 Hours

Bridgeview Barber Teacher 1000 Hours

Chicago NE Barber

Chicago NE Cosmetology

Chicago NE Esthetics

Chicago NE Cosmetology Teacher 600 Hours
Chicago NE Cosmetology Teacher 1000 Hours

Chicago NE Barber Teacher 1000 Hours

Chicago NW Barber

Chicago NW Cosmetology

Chicago NW Esthetics

Chicago NW Cosmetology Teacher 600 Hours

Chicago NW Cosmetology Teacher 1000 Hours

Chicago NW Esthetics Teacher

Chicago NW Barber Teacher 600 Hours

Chicago NW Barber Teacher 1000 Hours

Danville Cosmetology

Elgin Cosmetology

Elgin Esthetics

Glendale Heights Cosmetology

Glendale Heights Esthetics

Glendale Heights Esthetics Teacher

Glendale Heights Cosmetology Teacher 600 Hours
Glendale Heights Cosmetology Teacher 1000 Hours

Libertyville Barber

Libertyville Cosmetology

Libertyville Esthetics

Libertyville Barber Teacher 600 Hours

Libertyville Barber Teacher 1000 Hours

Normal Cosmetology

Normal Esthetics

Peoria Cosmetology

Peoria Esthetics

Peoria Cosmetology Teacher 600 Hours

Peoria Cosmetology Teacher 1000 Hours

Peoria Esthetics Teacher

Rockford Barber

Rockford Cosmetology

Rockford Esthetics

Rockford Cosmetology Teacher 600 Hours

Rockford Cosmetology Teacher 1000 Hours

Rockford Esthetics Teacher

Rockford Barber Teacher 600 Hours

Rockford Barber Teacher 1000 Hours

Urbana Cosmetology

Urbana Esthetics


Bloomington Cosmetology

Bloomington Esthetics

Highland Barber

Highland Cosmetology

Highland Esthetics

Highland Instructor Training

Indianapolis NE Barber

Indianapolis NE Cosmetology

Indianapolis NE Esthetics

Indianapolis NE Manicuring

Indianapolis NE Instructor Training

Lafayette Cosmetology

Lafayette Esthetics

Lafayette Instructor Training

Lafayette Manicuring


Janesville Cosmetology 1550 Hours

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*92.33% Licensure Rate on the Homepage is from NACCAS Annual Report: 2015 Cohort Data (All Schools Combined).