Promotion of the Month

Promotion of the Month


$20 = 20% OFF every visit, every time; for 20 weeks. Guests that purchase a Preferred Guest Membership for $20 will receive an exclusive VIP-20 discount card. The preferred guest can then use their VIP-20 card to receive 20% off everything for the next 20 weeks. The discount benefit will be applied to both services and retail products preferred guest’s purchase during any visit to any TUBC Campus.


We are pleased to help seniors save a little more at our student salons, spas and barbershops. We offer a 10% discount towards the entire purchase for those 65 years of age and older on Tuesdays. And, seniors can save even more on Tuesdays when they become a VIP20 member; saving another 20% off the subtotal of their purchase.


New Classes starting MARCH 1ST

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