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What does cosmetology have to offer?

The short answer? A lot. The long answer? Explore our detailed guides on all things cosmetology below.

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Cosmetology School 101

Dig into the details of cosmetology school, from the type of education you’ll receive to how to balance costs and more.

Is Cosmetology a Trade School?

How Much Does Cosmetology School Cost?

What Is Cosmetology School?

Should I Go to Cosmetology School?

Does FAFSA Cover Cosmetology School?

Why Choose Cosmetology Night School?

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What Will I Learn in Cosmetology School?

Want to dive deep on the classes you’ll take and what the cosmetology school experience is really like? Read these articles for the inside scoop. 

What to Expect On Your First Day of Cosmetology School

What Classes Are Required for Cosmetology School?

High School Courses for Cosmetology

Cosmetology Programs for High School Students

Learning Textured Hair in Cosmetology School

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What Can I Do After Cosmetology School?

Life after cosmetology school can be pretty great. Wondering what it might look like for you? Explore our guides on career opportunities for cosmetologists. 

What Does a Hair Color Specialist Do?

How to Market Yourself as a Cosmetologist

Hair Stylist vs. Barber: What’s the Difference?

Tricoci campus locations

With 16 campuses across three states and centrally located campuses in the heart of Chicago, Tricoci University is committed to helping make your dream career in the beauty industry a little more accessible.




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"I graduated from Tricoci University feeling confident and prepared"

As a child of a former cosmetologist, I always had a huge passion for the beauty industry. After my enrollment meeting with Tricoci University I knew TUBC was where I was supposed to be. The energy that the staff has is contagious and that passion continues through in the work and teachings of their educators. From advanced hands on teachings to helping me prepare for my career, I graduated from Tricoci University feeling confident and prepared for my future.
– Krissy

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Cosmetology licensing

After completing your cosmetology program, you will need to acquire a license in the state where you wish to work as a cosmetologist. At Tricoci University, we prepare our students not only for the license exam itself, but for life on the salon floor after your licensing exam, too. Licensing requirements vary from state to state. Always do your research to ensure you are fully prepared for the licensing process in your preferred state.

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Looking for another beauty school career?

Learn about nail technology, esthetics, and barbering at Tricoci University.

At Tricoci University, we are passionate about helping the beauty industry’s next big stars hone their skills and find a career they truly love.

For some of our students, that means realizing that cosmetology isn’t actually the area of study they were looking for.

Thankfully, we offer a whole suite of innovative and in-depth programs that focus on various aspects of the beauty industry. That way, wherever your heart leads, we can help you follow.

Esthetics / Aesthetics

Tricoci University offers a comprehensive esthetics program that helps students with a passion for skincare thrive in the beauty industry as knowledgeable and skilled skincare experts.

Nail Technology / Manicuring

Our nail technology program prepares students for a successful career in the beauty industry as a nail artist. Students learn the latest techniques in nail care, including manicures, pedicures, nail art, and more.*

*Nail Technology is only available at select TCBU Campuses


Tricoci University’s innovative barbering program provides hands-on training and mentorship from experienced industry professionals.*

*Barbering is only available at select TCBU Campuses

Instructor Training

For those who are interested in taking a step back from the salon life to share their love of the industry with others, Tricoci’s teacher training program is a great fit.

Learn more about beauty school

Check out more detailed information on different aspects of our cosmetology courses.

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What To Expect on Your First Day of Cosmetology School

Congratulations, you’ve been accepted into cosmetology school—now what? After you’ve set up payment and financial […]


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Here are a few common questions we receive about what cosmetology training really looks like and what to expect as an incoming student.

How long is cosmetology school?
Required hours for completing a cosmetology program and being eligible to sit for the state licensure examination vary from state to state, but typically fall around the 1500 hour range in most states.
How much does cosmetology school cost?
The final cost of your cosmetology program will depend on a variety of factors including how much financial aid you qualify for, any scholarships or grants you may receive, and more. The best way to get a full understanding of how much cosmetology school may cost you is to discuss your options with the financial aid department.
What is cosmetology school?
Cosmetology school is a form of trade school where students learn the skills, techniques, and knowledge needed to perform a wide variety of spa and salon services such as hair cutting, hair coloring, and styling. Additionally, cosmetology school offers hands-on experience so that students are familiar with the practical application of the skills they learn in class, better preparing them for a successful career in the beauty industry.
What do you learn in cosmetology school?
Depending on your chosen specialty, you will learn a wide variety of skills and techniques pertaining to the career path you wish to pursue after completing your program. A common misconception is that a cosmetology program offers the same skills and training as an esthetics or barbering program. While Tricoci University is proud to offer all three, they are very different programs that teach skills specific to each area of study and the subspecialties within. Cosmetology students often go on to become hair stylists and hair colorists, working in salons or starting their own cosmetology businesses.

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