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How to Decide: Should I Go to Cosmetology School?

March 13th, 2024


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When looking into cosmetology school as an option fresh out of high school or as a career shift later in life, your main question likely revolves around whether or not the choice will pay off in the long run. Ultimately, the decision on whether or not cosmetology school is worth it depends on the individual as well as how much you are willing to put into your own education, both through the initial program and in continued education once you’re in the workforce.

However, considering the points in this article will help you get closer to understanding if the investment and potential careers that cosmetology students commonly pursue align with your own personal goals and dreams. Read on to decide if cosmetology school makes sense for you.

Is Cosmetology School Worth it?

Examine why you’re considering cosmetology school. Defining what makes it “worth it” can vary greatly depending on your motivations.

While the beauty industry is certainly full of lucrative opportunities, it often takes time to build a client base that understands your value and you need to build a portfolio of work that justifies luxury service prices.

If you genuinely love the industry of beauty, enjoy the creative challenge of working with different hair types, textures, colors, and lengths, and want to spend your working days helping others feel like the best version of themselves, then pursuing education as a cosmetologist is likely a better fit.

Additionally, it’s important to consider your professional goals. Most states require salon professionals to have a license, and obtaining that license requires the completion of an accredited cosmetology program.

Benefits of Cosmetology School

Apart from the obvious benefit of allowing you to legally perform cosmetology-related services after becoming licensed, there are a number of other benefits to attending an accredited cosmetology program like the one we offer at Tricoci University. These include:

  • Learning in an interactive environment. The hands-on nature of a quality cosmetology program allows you to get your hands on the tools you will use as a professional and teaches you, with real-life experience, how to properly use those tools.
  • Building your network. Learn from demos, creating connections with your fellow students or alumni from your program, attending cosmetology school gives you ample opportunities to expand your professional network before you start the job search.
  • Getting industry knowledge. There is no substitute for spending time within your industry of choice, and investing in a cosmetology program allows you to see how the industry works firsthand.
  • Understanding critical business skills. At Tricoci University, our cosmetology students also learn important business and marketing skills they need to be salon ready after completing their program.

Like most things, getting the most out of your cosmetology education is about how much you’re willing to put into it. If you are invested in getting the most from your classes and focus on practicing your skills to hone them well throughout your education, you can reap the benefits of your training for years to come.

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