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Hair Trends Cosmetology Students Will Want to Know in 2024

March 13th, 2024


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Discreet luxury, effortless elegance, and a simplistic approach are front and center when it comes to 2024 hair trends. Chic yet understated styles, cuts, and colors are on the rise. More people are leaning into hairstyles that prioritize hair health, giving them a glossy, effortlessly beautiful mane. 

Every year brings about new hair trends. Some of these trends are brand new, others put a modern twist on a classic favorite, and others are timeless trends of the past that are resurfacing today. Let’s explore some 2024 hair trends that you will want to know about.

Hair Styles

The Year of the Bow

Bows are one of the hottest trends this year—from home décor to food to fashion to beauty, many people have incorporated bows of all sizes and styles in any way they can. Hair is no exception to this trend. From bubble ponytails with multiple bows to half-up styles with one bow, and anything in between, there is a range of bow-friendly hairstyles out there. 

Volume, Volume, Volume

Voluminous, fluffy hairstyles are big this year. Bouncy blowouts, wavy perms, big braids, and more are taking center stage. High-volume blowouts are especially popular this year thanks to blowout hair dryer brushes, which provide a slightly curled, bouncy blowout perfect for any event. 


Headbands are coming back in full swing this year. Wide elastic headbands—a popular trend in the early 90’s—are expected to be especially in fashion this year. However, you can expect to see headbands of all shapes and sizes; from padded, chunky headbands to dainty embellished headbands, and anything in between.

No Muss, No Fuss

Many people are focusing on hair health and are looking for styles that require minimal effort. Because of this, going au natural and embracing natural hair textures is on the rise. This is appealing for many reasons—it minimizes damage from heat styling, saves time, and improves hair health.

Hair Cuts

Blunt Bob

A clean, blunt bob that falls at or slightly below the chin is going to be a popular 2024 haircut. This cut, popularized by Hailey Bieber in 2023, is great for a spring and summer chop. In particular, many people will want to sport the Italian Bob—a European-inspired chin-length cut with minimal layers and face-framing edges.

Long, Voluminous Layers 

Because more people are focusing on hair health, we’re expecting that many people will be growing their hair out. Long layers give long locks a little bit more movement, shape, and texture by taking the weight out of the ends. This helps create a more voluminous look when styling. 

Bangs in the Micro, Long, and Curtain Varieties

Bangs have been trending since 2023. This year, they’re being taken up a notch. We’re expecting to see bangs on two sides of the length spectrum: Audrey Hepburn-esque micro bangs and Birkin bangs—soft, long bangs that are inspired by the actress Jane Birkin. Long curtain bangs gained popularity in late 2023, and are expected to continue trending this year.

Medium-Length Blunt Cuts

The grown-out style is in this year. We’re going to see a lot of people cutting their long locks or growing out their short hair to achieve medium-length tresses with blunt ends and long layers. This look is more voluminous and bouncy compared to the previously popular beachy look that was trending in recent years.

Hair Colors


Bronde” is what it sounds like—a mix of brunette and blonde colors that achieves a soft blend between the two colors. This shade achieves a less extreme, more natural look, which aligns with the appeal of going “au natural” that’s trending this year. A combination of highlights and lowlights can be used to achieve the perfect bronde look.

Cool-Toned Browns

From chocolate brown hair, which is a deep, rich, cool-toned brown to mushroom brown, which is an ashy brunette, cool-toned browns are hot this year. 

Red Hair

Red was a highly requested hair color in late 2023—and we’re expecting that trend to gain momentum this year. Reds with blue undertones like crimson and maroon, strawberry blonde, and copper are especially popular. 

Grown-Out, Rooty Blonde

Going au natural is also hot when it comes to hair color. People are going more natural with their blonde color and getting a low-maintenance look by letting their roots grow out and adding some low lights to avoid a harsh “line of demarcation.” Others are jumping in with both feet and coloring their hair as close as possible to their natural color or growing out their hair to eventually chop the old color completely.

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