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Hair Cutting Tips for Cosmetology Students

July 17th, 2021

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Cosmetology School Tips for Students: How to Cut Hair Faster

Aspiring hairstylists can learn how to give speedy, beautiful haircuts at cosmetology school. Whether you’re currently in cosmometology school or an experienced hairdresser looking to brush up, here are some tips on giving fast haircuts.

Why Is It Important to Cut Hair Quickly?

Busy clients don’t like to spend hours in a hairdresser’s chair. The faster a stylist can cut hair, the happier clients are. It also allows more clients to be seen each day. This increases both the hairdresser’s client base and their profit. It’s truly a win-win.

With that said, let’s look at the top ways to cut hair faster.

Use the Right Tools

Hairstylists use a wide range of tools to cut hair, from sheers to clippers to razors. Most clients require the use of multiple tools for the best possible haircut. Time spent deliberating which tool to use is time wasted. A good hairstylist knows immediately what each tool does and when to use it. When you first meet your client, be sure to assess what tools you will need for the cut, and keep them nearby for easy access.

Use the Best Tools

The most successful hairdressers invest in top-of-the-line tools.  While this may seem like a big investment for a stylist fresh out of cosmetology school, it will more than pay for itself. Better tools are more precise, allowing a hairdresser to do a better job more efficiently. They also last longer, meaning that the hairstylist doesn’t have to keep buying the same tools over and over.

Be Organized

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Your workstation should be neat. It looks more professional for clients, and it cuts down on time spent hunting around for your tools and products. When you are first starting out in a salon, or any job in which you will have a workstation, create an organizational system, and always put things back in place. If you took out a bunch of tools and products while cutting a client’s hair, take a minute to restore order before your next client sits down.

Over time, your organizational system will become second nature to you. Tidying up will take no time at all, and you’ll be able to cut clients’ hair that much faster.

Master Haircutting Techniques and Popular Trends

We’ve all heard of or even been to a hairdresser who only knows how to cut hair in one style. When someone like this is asked to do something new, they may panic because it is out of their typical scope of work. They either can’t give a good haircut or do so very slowly. This can lead to lost revenue and client dissatisfaction.

As a hairdresser, you must know right away what hairstyle will best flatter your client. Different hair textures, face shapes, and lifestyles require very different haircuts. You must also listen to your client’s desires, especially if he or she has a specific style in mind.

Knowing the best way to create a variety of styles will make your job easier. You won’t have to work by trial and error every time you’re cutting a new client’s hair. Better yet, you can be confident that every client will leave your chair happy.

This article provides in-depth guidance on some of the most popular hairstyles, as well as current hairstyle trends for men and women.

Consider Compact Haircutting

Compact haircutting isn’t right for every client, but for certain hair textures and styles, it can frame the face beautifully. It’s also a great way to shorten the time of a haircut for an especially busy client or those who prefer to spend less time in the chair.

Keep Learning

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Hairdressing is an art, and the best artists are always honing their craft. No matter how good you get at cutting hair, you can always be better.

Whether you’re taking a class from another hairdresser or learning about a new product or technique, keep practicing. The more skills you have, the more efficient you will be,which again leads to happier clients and a bigger client base.

Celebrity hairdressers, product lines, and beauty schools all provide resources and workshops. Keep improving your technique, and your business will continue to grow.

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