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Students Create Popular Summer Hairstyles of 2021

July 19th, 2021

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Every year, new hairstyle trends emerge. Our students are eager to master trending hairstyles and develop their signature style on real clients at our various campuses. Popular styles like the modern mullet, the cropped pixie, and the shag cut all have their versions. At Tricoci University, our students have trained to frame and flatter each client’s facial features. The inspired styles by our students pictured below are the most coveted hairstyles of summer 2021.

Our students learned to create styles that leave the client’s hair looking and feeling its healthiest.

Every year, new summer hairstyle trends emerge. 2021 is channeling a few favorite styles from the past, like the inspired shag cut, long layers, and the pixie cut. We’ve curated a list of the most popular hairstyles of summer 2021  all professionally styled by students, some being our Social Media Ambassadors!. At Tricoci University, future hairstylists will learn trending hairstyles and insider secrets on how to frame and flatter each client’s facial features. Students will master cuts, color theory, and various styling techniques. Clients can make an appointment with students at any of our campuses.

The Short Blunt Cut
short blunt bob hair

A short blunt bob draws attention to the neck and can be styled straight, tousled, or with effortless layers cut to flatter any face shape. Students reimagine the blunt bob with a youthful, colorful style and a deep side part. This versatile cut can take many forms from chic, feminine, and sultry to playful, sporty, and edgy. Before clients commit to chopping their hair, they receive a consultation with students covering their desired look and upkeep. [1]

While most blunt cuts require a bit more maintenance with upkeep every 4 to 6 weeks at the salon, the day-to-day low-fuss styling will be relatively easy. 

The Shag Cut

shag cut hair

The shag cut is one of the most stylized and recognizable styles. A cute and cool comeback from the 70s, students have pedaled back in time to learn to create the soft, layered style for any length hair. The shag cut shows off natural texture and adds volume. Students learn how to execute a well-cut shag from bouncy, textured curls to long, dramatic cascading layers. 

Natural Texture

natural textured hair

These days, more clients want the freedom that comes with allowing their natural texture to be their style and aesthetic. Students will consult clients on how to achieve the healthiest natural state of each client’s hair type. Many students hailing from Tricoci University develop a niche specializing in cutting textured hair.

Long Hair with Long Layers

long layers hair

It’s always exciting for students to learn to layer on long locks, but even more rewarding is to see how long layers grow out when it’s time for upkeep. At Tricoci, we instruct students how to effectively cut long layers so that the layers grow out beautifully.

Cropped Pixie

cropped pixie hair

Long layers and cropped pixie are on opposite sides of the spectrum; however, equally fun to learn how to achieve. A cropped pixie can do wonders for framing the face, highlighting features like cheekbones or  jawlines.Cropped pixie cuts require a bit more upkeep, so be sure to talk to your stylist about a regular trimming schedule.


one length hair

Cutting one length requires precision and skill. This is one of the first cutting techniques students will learn to excel at doing. The one-length cut lends the opportunity for styling and showcasing color so students can build their body of work featuring the one-length cut.

Modern Mullet

modern mullet hair

The mullet may have been a style popularized by rock & roll, but the modern mullet is now gracing the heads of fashion models and celebrities. This cut requires skill and an artistic vision, as demonstrated by one of our students here.

The Lob

lob hair

Students learn which styling creams, brushes, and sprays to use when cutting and styling the lob–a longer version of the bob. When consulting clients, we teach our students all the right questions to ask. For example, students will inquire how many inches of hair is the client willing to lose? Do they want a chin-grazing or neck-grazing cut? How do they usually part their hair, and what finish do they expect?

With a comprehensive curriculum and a learning environment aimed to foster significant growth, our student body will develop each of their voices and signature style at Tricoci University.

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