Top 8 Summer Hairstyles for 2021

May 25th, 2021

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Do you want to update your look for 2021? Salons are open, and stylists are already seeing trends in how people want to shake off the difficulties of the past year with hairstyles that are fun, flirty and fresh.

To find out the most popular hairstyles of 2021, we crunched the numbers on guest hairstyle requests at Tricoci University campuses. Here are this year’s trending haircuts.

top 8 summer hairstyles

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1. Short, Blunt Bob

One of the top hairstyles of 2021 is a short, blunt bob cut. The chic, single-length style is sharp and sassy, and the length can be anywhere from your chin to the top of your shoulders. It looks great with bangs or without, and you can even choose to add a slight forward taper to emphasize your neckline. Wear it straight or boost your volume with texturizing spray.

2. The Shag Cut

The Shag haircut has choppy layers that give your hair volume. It creates a casual, effortless look that looks great with just about any hair type. The key to a modern shag that doesn’t look dated is long, chiseled layers. You can also try adding curtain bangs to combine two trends into one great look.

3. Natural Texture

Textured hair, such as tight, kinky curls, creates a style of its own. A natural texture haircut is designed to complement your hair’s curl pattern and enhance its natural look. To get the best results, choose a stylist who is skilled at working with textured, kinky or curly hair.

4. Long Hair with Long Layers

The styles of 2021 aren’t all for short hair. This long hairstyle uses layers to give your hair volume and adds movement. Long layered hair is easy to maintain, and it’s easy to style in the morning. Add some loose waves and your favorite styling product before heading out the door. You can even try this cut with some of the top hairstyles when wearing masks.

5. Cropped Pixie

The pixie cut may be as classic as Audrey Hepburn, but the modern pixies of 2021 are a fresh take with feathered edges and soft layers. However short you go, it’s a bold, confident style that shows off your face shape and cheekbones. The cropped pixie is easy to style, but it needs regular trims to keep the shape.

6. One-length Hair

The classic one-length haircut is low-maintenance and can be styled in many different ways. Keeping the cut simple helps you show off other aspects of your hair, like fabulous hair color.

7. Modern Mullet

The mullet is back, but it’s not like the retro mullet in Tiger King. The modern mullet has an updated silhouette and uses a shaggy cut to create a tousled look. The style is fashion-forward, edgy, and a little bit rock and roll. Try it with side-swept bangs.

8. Lob

The lob is a longer version of the bob that can be anywhere from shoulder height to just below the shoulders. It’s easy to style and is a great cut for all hair types. Whether you wear it with bangs or without, this top summer hairstyle for 2021 is low maintenance and versatile.

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