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Topics Covered in a Cosmetology Program

May 28th, 2021


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Have you ever considered pursuing a career in the beauty industry and the types of things you could learn? The good news is, because there are a variety of programs available in the beauty industry, you can choose a broad program, or a more specialized program to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a general program that can train you in all things hair, while also highlighting cosmetics and skincare, a cosmetology program could be right for you. Below are some of the topics that are typically covered in a cosmetology program.

cosmetology student

  1. Hair Cuts and Styles. A large portion of many Cosmetology programs helps prep you for a career in the hair care industry, if you so choose. In Cosmetology school, teachers will demonstrate different techniques to complete the perfect haircut for all types of hair. You will become an artist with shears and be able to better understand the needs of future clients to provide salon-worthy cuts. You will also learn about current hair trends so that you are aware of the up-to-date hairstyles. Depending on the location of the Cosmetology school, your curriculum  may even focus on local trends that are popular in the area.
  2. Hair Coloring techniques. Just as it is important to know how to style and cut hair, it is also important to know how to properly color it. There is much more to the technique of hair color than simply painting on color. A successful color result is dependent on proper mixing, time, and knowledge of hair types. You’ll learn how to create different color formulas   to make perfect auburn or caramel shades for different hair textures and levels of hair. You will also learn applications  based on a client’s current or desired style. Do they want a balayage or perhaps some lowlights? You’ll be able to do it all once you are finished with a Cosmetology program
  3. Cosmetics and Makeup Application. A Cosmetology program often extends far beyond hair. Many programs have an additional component of makeup application. A Cosmetology program will typically cover the basics of makeup to give you a solid foundation. You’’ learn how to properly use a variety of brushes such as angled brushes and the varieties of eye shadow brushes. You’ll also learn techniques to apply makeup to a variety of skin types, how to blend makeup seamlessly and how to bring out a person’s inner beauty.
  4. Skin Care. While an Esthetics program will get down to the nitty-gritty of skin health, a Cosmetology program will teach you about the basics of skin care. You’ll be able to understand different skin types and the importance of certain ingredients used on skin. You’ll also learn the basics of hair removal and facial techniques, that could benefit you if you wanted to further pursue a career in the Esthetics field.
  5. Nail Care. Could you picture yourself working in a salon as a manicurist? In Cosmetology school, you will learn how to complete the perfect manicure. Do you have an interest in nail art or acrylics? Most programs will teach you about that too. You will learn the basics about all things nail related: cuticle health, filing techniques, and most importantly, sanitary practices to keep your future clients safe. Beyond this, you’ll learn how to polish a beautiful nail and how to clean up if you end up polishing a little outside the lines.
  6. Business Practices. There’s so much more to the beauty industry than you may expect. Perhaps you see yourself more as a salon manager, or a brand manager. For these jobs, you will need to understand business and managerial skills. A Cosmetology program will give you the tools you need to pursue one of these career paths in the beauty industry. They’ll teach you how to market yourself and your services, as well as products that you may be selling. These business skills are incredibly important because they can translate in other fields as well, not just the beauty industry.
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As you can see, there is so much potential to learn a variety of different beauty techniques in a Cosmetology program. Whether it’s color hair, or polishing nails, you’ll be able to have a strong foundation to enter a career in the world of beauty. If any of these topics sound interesting to you, check out the Cosmetology program at Tricoci University. With a variety of campuses, schedules, and start dates, you could be on your way to starting your dream career in Cosmetology!

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