Four Different Paths of Beauty Education

September 19th, 2020

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As you start to research beauty education options, you’ll notice there are many different opportunities and paths available to you. In these different types of beauty education, you’ll see a number of different skills that you can acquire, and specialties that you can learn. However, especially if you’ve just started researching to find the program and school of your dreams, you might not be sure why these different methods of education exist. Here’s what you need to know about four of the most common types of beauty education.

1. General Cosmetology Education

General Cosmetology education goes over the information you need to succeed as a cosmetologist. Training will include hairstyling, makeup work, color theory, teamwork training, salon infection control procedures, and other information about the cosmetology world as a whole. It’s a broad training of cosmetology that you can further turn into any specialization.

Because a general Cosmetology program typically includes all the information you need to pass a cosmetology licensing exam in your state, it’s often a little longer than specialized programs. However, it’s always possible to go through the Cosmetology program, then go through a further specialization program if a different area of beauty peaks your interest.

2. Barbering Education

What if you’re most interested in cutting men’s hair? Cosmetology programs typically give a bit of information about cutting men’s hair, but it’s often not very expansive. Most commonly, they teach more about women’s hairdressing. If you think you want to cut men’s hair instead, you might want to consider barbering.

A barbering program allows you to enter the job field with just as much specialized knowledge as any other cosmetology program. Barbering is a specialization that has a lot of history behind it. If you want to work as a barber, you can find many job openings similar to someone who wants to work in a salon. That makes it a great option for anyone, whether you currently have cosmetology training or not.

3. Esthetics Education

An Esthetics education separates itself from Cosmetology in that Esthetics tends to focus more on the health and appearance of skin and all things related to skin care. Whereas Cosmetology often focuses more on creating a finished picture of beauty, Esthetics often focuses on the path it takes to get there by emphasizing the creation of a perfect canvas through flawless skin. Both Cosmetology and Esthetics may have information about makeup; however, Esthetics is more likely to work for makeup specialties.

It’s common for an Esthetics program to be shorter than a Cosmetology program. Most often, Esthetics needs less training than Cosmetology because it covers a smaller range of information. However, program requirements may vary from state to state. It’s important to talk to the school you’re most interested in to find out more about your options.

4. Teacher Training Programs

Another possible option is a Teacher Training Program. This is a program that’s for people who are already part of the cosmetology world and want to become teachers. Most commonly, you need to have held your license for a certain number of years to enroll in a teacher training program. However, you don’t usually have to have graduated from a specific school to enroll in their teacher training program.

In a Teacher Training Program, you’ll learn all about how to turn your existing skills and knowledge into a teachable course. These programs typically teach you how to transfer your current information into something you can teach other people. You may also attend some courses as a teaching assistant to understand how the teacher handles these courses.

Which Cosmetology Education Is Right for You?

At the end of the day, beauty education is a personal choice. It’s common to learn a little bit about all different types of Cosmetology education, but only to the extent where it helps you choose the right option for your unique needs.

Most people will prefer one of these four programs. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture offers Esthetics, Cosmetology, Barbering and Teacher training programs for whoever’s interested in them. If you’re thinking about entering the beauty world, get in touch with Tricoci University to learn more about your opportunities.

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