What Can You Do With a Cosmetology License?

September 3rd, 2020

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Wondering what life as a cosmetologist might look like for you? For many students, it can feel overwhelming to consider what happens after you graduate from your chosen cosmetology program. To mitigate that anxiety and help you better understand what your post-graduation opportunities actually look like, let’s walk through what you can do with a cosmetology license, and how you can shape your career in a number of different ways to suit your passions and skills.

Job Opportunities After Cosmetology School

Cosmetology school is unique in that the field of study is wide enough to offer an exciting array of job opportunities, but focused enough that students can specialize and personalize their learning while still covering all of the necessary skills and information required to excel at whatever job you choose after cosmetology school. However, if you’re interested in cosmetology as a career path, you may be wondering what, exactly, you can do with a cosmetology license. Here are a few common paths many cosmetology students pursue after their program.

Opening Your Own Business

For a lot of students, the ultimate dream is to open their own salon or become their own boss. With a cosmetology license, you can open your own business in a few different ways. You may choose to create your own brand and offer your services under that umbrella, or you may consider renting a chair at a salon in your area that offers such a setup. When you rent a chair, you are still in charge of your own book of business, but may have the added benefit of a bustling salon environment and potential access to unique product education, continued learning opportunities, and more.

Salon Management

If the idea of managing others and ensuring that every service in a given location is being performed to the highest standards, regardless of who is performing it, salon management might be right for you. While this track can require some years of experience as a hair colorist, stylist, or other hands-on position in the trade, salon management can be an excellent fit for students who love the business management and attention to detail aspects of their cosmetology program.

Hair Stylist or Colorist

For those most passionate about coloring, cutting, and styling hair, the best career choice after cosmetology school is often just that – becoming a stylist or colorist at a local salon. As a hair stylist or hair colorist, you get to spend your days helping your clients create their dream looks with your skills and creativity. You may also find that you have a passion for a certain line of products, and can pursue additional educational opportunities with those brands to incorporate them more heavily into your services to customize how you help your clients achieve their desired look.

Unexpected Career Options to Consider After Cosmetology School

While those are some of the most common choices for students after graduation, they certainly aren’t the only career opportunities available to cosmetology students. In fact, there are many other paths you may choose to pursue as a Tricoci University of Beauty Culture graduate with a cosmetology license. Here are a few more to consider.

Product Sales Representative

Another option for students who find themselves particularly passionate about a certain line of products is to become an expert in those products specifically, and pursue a career as a product sales representative. This will allow you to niche down and specialize your focus as well as provide education on products you love to other beauty industry professionals.

Becoming a Cosmetology School Instructor

For students that fall in love with the training program and want to help others do the same, becoming an instructor may be the right choice. At Tricoci, we offer a Teacher Training program to help you do just that.

Brand Educator or Trainer

Along similar lines, brand evangelists may be interested in pursuing a career as a brand educator or trainer after graduation. This typically requires additional training with the brand itself to fully understand the ins and outs, application methods, and top selling points of each product a brand offers, but once you’re fully trained up, you get to spend your days helping other cosmetologists, hair colorists, stylists, salon managers, and even cosmetology students understand the brand and how to most effectively use the products offered. You may host training sessions for beauty professionals and travel as an educator/trainer for your favorite beauty brand.

Photo or Video Stylist

If the glamorous side of the beauty industry attracts you most, you may find satisfaction applying your skills post-graduation as a photo or video stylist. Become the go-to for all hair styling, cut, and color needs on photo and video shoots to help achieve the artistic vision of each shoot. You’ll likely work as part of a larger team with models, photographers, fashion stylists, makeup artists, and more. If the idea of being part of a multi-faceted team and focusing on the creative vision of a photo or video shoot excites you, this might be the perfect fit for you after beauty school.

Beauty Blogger/Influencer

While the learning curve for this career choice can be bumpy and success often depends on factors outside of your control, beauty blogging and becoming a beauty influencer are also potential choices for you after obtaining your cosmetology license. Cultivating an online persona/brand and nurturing your audience are the keys to this path, where putting out consistent, high-quality content with trends and algorithms in mind is king. It can be tough work, but for those who find success on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, it can become a full-time job that allows you to share multiple facets of your education, personality, and expertise.

Tricoci University Is Ready to Help You Get Your Cosmetology License

Whatever career you choose after cosmetology school, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is here to help you get there. Schedule a virtual tour today of one of our campuses in Illinois, Indiana, or Wisconsin, and get started on your path toward a cosmetology license and a fulfilling career as a beauty industry professional.

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