Attending beauty school can lead to a wide range of career paths. Whether you’re attending a Cosmetology program, Esthetician program or Barbering program, you can apply your newly learned skills to a variety of careers.

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Let’s look at some of the hottest jobs in the beauty industry.

Top Paying Careers in Cosmetology and Esthetics

What’s the highest-paying job in the beauty industry? After attending school for cosmetology, esthetics or barbering, you could be ready for one of the following career options:

Hair Salon Owner

Hair salon owners in the U.S. can earn an impressive salary. However, there is a wide range of possible incomes based on the type of salon you own, the services you provide and the location of your salon. For example: salon owners in Washington, DC make an average of 34 percent more; those in NYC make five percent more; those in Austin make six percent less.

Theatrical Makeup Artist

Makeup artists for theatre, movies and television can earn great salaries. Whether working on a Broadway play, doing special effects makeup for TV shows or runway makeup for the fashion industry, the work can be diverse and exciting.

Microdermabrasion Specialist

Microdermabrasion treatments are an increasingly popular way to help skin look youthful. By providing these high-demand services, Estheticians with microdermabrasion specialization can earn strong incomes.

Permanent Makeup Artist

Because Permanent Makeup Artists apply long-lasting treatments, the public is frequently willing to pay more for cosmetologists who are skilled and well-trained. This means you can get paid top dollar from a career as a permanent makeup artist.

Hair Product Sales Rep

Combining skills in cosmetology and sales, Product Reps work with a manufacturer or distributor to bring beauty products to salons and stylists. This role is valuable to brands who want to encourage people to use their products, and your income opportunities reflect that.

Cosmetology Business Owner

Small business owners in the cosmetology field can earn a significant income. Plus, business owners have the freedom to set their own schedules, and they can develop specializations based on their own interests. For example, some business owners become beauty therapists or image consultants.

In-Demand Careers in Cosmetology and Esthetics

There are several careers in the cosmetology and esthetics fields that are seeing very strong growth. In the three careers below, job opportunities are growing much faster than the five percent growth rate that’s expected across all occupations. It’s expected that new jobs will be added and more small businesses will be opened to meet the consumer demand.

Skincare Specialist: 11% job growth

Jobs for Skin Care Specialists are expected to grow by 11 percent within the next decade. That’s more than double the growth that’s expected across all occupations. This trend is based on a few key trends. People are, in general, more interested in a healthier lifestyle that reduces the appearance of aging and promotes relaxation. There’s also a growing demand for new services such as mini facials at a lower cost and mobile facials where specialists visit a home or workplace. Plus, a growing number of men are interested in skin care treatments.

Manicurist: 10% job growth

In the next decade, jobs for manicurists, pedicurists and nail technicians are expected to grow by 10 percent, which is twice as fast as the average of all jobs. Nail services are growing in popularity because they’re a low-cost luxury service that’s in demand by all income levels.

Hair Stylist, Barber, and Cosmetologist: 8% job growth

Jobs for hairstylists, barbers and cosmetologists are expected to grow eight percent within the next decade. That’s faster than overall job projections for all occupations. This growth is due to increasing demand for all hair care services including hair coloring, hair straightening and advanced treatments. Social media makes it important that people look their best, and a professional salon appointment helps create photo-worthy style.

Fastest Growing Beauty Market

The beauty business is changing. When we look at the combined economic impact of beauty products and treatments, there are interesting trends you can use to develop career specialties.

Anti-Aging Skincare: The anti-aging market is expected to grow by 32 percent in the five years between 2018 and 2023. A youthful appearance is highly sought after, and many people use anti-aging products and beauty treatments. The chemical peels, facials and skin care treatments learned during Esthetics school can help you to provide the anti-aging services consumers are seeking.

Beard Grooming: In the four years between 2019 and 2023, the market for beard grooming products is expected to grow by 31 percent. To capitalize on this, beauty professionals can start blending beard oils, beard butters and grooming products, as well as offering beard care treatments in their salons.

Natural and Organic Beauty Care: Analysts predict a 14 percent growth of natural and organic beauty in the five years between 2018 and 2023. Especially as awareness grows about the ingredients of beauty products, consumers are prioritizing natural ways to get the look they want. Students attending Cosmetology school learn about a wide range of makeup techniques and products.

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