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Beauty Career: Nail Tech/Manicurist

September 20th, 2019

Nail Technology

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Nail technicians and manicurists are in hot demand right now, and as long as people enjoy getting their nails done, that’s going to continue. Because most people don’t have the skills necessary to do their own nails, the experience of going to a nail salon has flourished into something that some people do even on a weekly basis. If you’re interested in potentially being a nail tech or manicurist, the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture can help. Here’s what you need to know.


Nail techs and manicurists do a variety of different jobs. This includes cleaning, trimming and polishing nails on both the hands and feet, painting and constructing beautiful nail art, caring for cuticles and other procedures that are useful for nail health and beauty. Plus, nail techs and manicurists also have to understand similar administrative concepts as cosmetologists, such as how to run a business and how to juggle client requests.

Job Outlook

This is actually one of the fastest-growing specialties in cosmetology. Nail techs and manicurists have been around for a very long time, but nail salon visits have become a more common pastime in recent years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), cosmetology as a job category will grow around 10% by 2024 — three percentage points higher than the national average. Although the BLS estimate of a $20,000 salary may seem low, this doesn’t take into account tips and commissions, both of which are very common in the world of nail tech.


If you’re going to become a nail tech or manicurist, there are some requirements you’ll have to work through first.


To become a nail technician, you need to take a specific nail tech exam. States have individual requirements for how many hours of education you’ll need to have before you can take the nail tech exam, so the amount of time it takes may vary depending on where you live.

At Tricoci University, the nail technology/manicuring program varies fairly significantly depending on whether you live in Indiana or Illinois. The Indiana program is 600 hours, or six months studying part time. The Illinois program is 350 hours, or four months studying part time. Look into the nail technology/manicuring program to get more information on the requirements you need and education you’ll receive.


The day-to-day life of a nail tech requires a significant amount of expertise, which you can only learn through hands-on experience. Of course, a nail technology/manicuring program will include hands-on experience on a technical level, but you can’t fully understand a nail technology job until you work in a nail salon.

To help with this, many nail salons offer apprenticeships or entry-level positions. With these positions, you’ll learn more about the ins and outs of being part of a nail salon. Consider applying for one of these positions as you start to prepare for your nail tech exam. That way, you’ll have as many options as possible once you finish your exam.

Skills for Success

On top of education and experience, it’s important to have a certain set of skills that will benefit you as a nail tech and manicurist.

A Creative Mind

Many people come to a nail tech looking for an interesting or creative nail design. You might use latex, UV gel, polish, beads or a variety of other supplies to create these designs, and you need to have creative concepts ready to go.

Fine Motor Skills

Facial makeup definitely requires fine motor skills, but the small size of a nail requires even more precision. You may have to work with tweezers and very small pieces to put together a design, and having good fine motor skills will help.

People Skills

Going to a nail salon is an experience, not a chore. Because you’ll likely spend a decent amount of time with each client, it’s important that you’re able to communicate effectively and provide a pleasant experience so the client comes back.

Marketing Prowess

Many nail techs and manicurists earn a commission on products they sell. Even advertising your nail services above other salons requires an element of marketing. If you know how to market yourself and your services, you’ll be one step ahead.

The Right Beauty Career

Nail techs and manicurists are in demand right now, and if you’re interested, you should definitely pursue a nail technology/manicuring program at Tricoci University. With the expertise you gain through this program, you’ll be ready to become a successful nail tech.

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