Do you wonder what’s included in a nail school curriculum and what classes you’ll take when studying nail technology?

The nail program at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture covers a wide range of topics and skills. Students receive training in the essential skills that are needed to become a licensed nail technician. But more than just the basics, students at Tricoci University receive in-depth instruction that prepares them to become successful beauty professionals.

Tricoci University’s nail school curriculum complies with local training requirements, helping students meet the relevant benchmarks for licensing. Specific classes and training hours for nail programs will vary by state.

In Indiana, Tricoci University nail students receive 600 hours of training and can complete the program in just six months with a part-time schedule. That’s about 23 hours of class time per week.
Instruction for the nail program includes both classroom lessons and hands-on learning using artificial or mannequin fingers. This helps students to develop a strong framework of knowledge while also mastering the techniques needed for a career in nail care.

At Tricoci University, students also get real-world practice in the on-campus student-run clinic salon. This provides valuable experience to students before they launch their careers.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the nail school curriculum.

Nail Technology Essentials

Students studying nail technology learn general theory about nails, beauty and health. This provides students with a big-picture understanding of salon practices. Instruction includes the following topics:

  • History of nail care
  • Professional ethics
  • Chemicals and their use
  • Personal hygiene and public health
  • Sterilization and disinfection

Concepts in Nail Care

The nail curriculum also offers classroom instruction about concepts in nail care, the science of nails, and how to provide better nail service. Through this training, students learn how they can provide high-quality nail care. Topics include:

  • Nail anatomy and disorders
  • Cells, metabolism and body systems
  • Bacteriology
  • Theory of massage
  • People skills

Nail Practices and Procedures

Nail programs include in-depth training about nail treatments and services. These nail practices and procedures will be the core of your future career as a nail technician, and training in this category will combine classroom lessons and hands-on instruction. Students will practice their skills on both artificial mannequins and on guests who visit the on-campus clinic salon. Training includes the following subject areas:

  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Fabric procedures (wraps)
  • Sculpting procedures
  • Light cured gels
  • Electric drill and file
  • Massage of hands, arms and feet
  • Products used by nail technologists

Business Practices

Students in the nail program also learn essential business practices. Whether your goal is to work at a salon, become an independent contractor, or start your own company, lessons in business can help you learn how to succeed in the beauty industry and comply with relevant regulations. The curriculum includes:

  • Business management
  • Sales and marketing
  • Relevant local and state laws and rules
  • OSHA standards relating to chemical use
  • Worker’s Compensation Act

Learn more about how you can get started with nail school and how flexible schedule nail technology programs can help you fit your training into your schedule.