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The Most Important Skills You Can Learn Through a Nail Technology Program

June 17th, 2020

Nail Technology

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If you’re interested in the field of nail technology, there are a number of skills you’ll need to succeed. However, many people don’t know what a nail technology program actually teaches, which means they might not understand why a nail technology program can be so helpful. When you sign up for a nail technology program, you’re signing up to learn a lot. Here are some of the most important skills a nail technology program will teach you.

Salon Procedures

Nail technology programs want to set you up for success in a salon in the future. That’s why they go over common salon procedures. Salon procedures may include more hands-on things like how to sanitize your workspace, or it may include more abstract things like time management skills. Regardless of the exact skills, salon procedures are an important part of what you learn in nail technology programs.

Nail Care and Anatomy

As a nail technician, you’ll need to do a decent amount of work with nail care and anatomy of the hands and feet. Although you likely won’t be treating any nail or nail bed problems, you should still know how to care for someone’s hands and feet, including the skin around their nails. You might also learn a bit about warning signs of certain nail bed-related diseases so you can refer those people to their doctors.

Polish Application and Removal

Nail polish application and removal is something many people feel like they know, but they probably don’t have the same experience with it as they need to for success in the cosmetology world. Not only will you learn basic tips to maximize your nail polish application and removal skills, but you’ll also learn the best strategies for applying different types of polish, including polishes that require special treatment.

Nail Artistry

Sure, a basic coat of polish might be enough for some people, but what if you want to move further into the world of nail art? Nail art is an incredible field full of wildly talented individuals. You can do just about anything with nail art, from traditional floral designs to Art Nouveau styles, all contained on someone’s nail. Nail artistry skills will teach you the basics, and you can turn those basics into whatever you want.

Sterilization and Safety

Safety procedures are incredibly important for both your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your clients. You need to know how to completely sterilize your work station and all your tools after you treat every client because you never know what types of bacteria a client may be carrying. These are also important questions on the nail technology licensing exam, which is one reason a nail technology program will go over them.

General Client-Facing Skills

As a nail technician, you’ll be dealing with clients all day, every day. Being able to socialize with your clients and make your clients feel at ease is an important part of being a nail technician. By working with people who have been nail technicians for years and putting your skills to use in a client-facing setting, you’ll be able to develop those skills and hone your craft.

A Love of Nail Technology

Nothing can really teach a love of nail technology, but a nail technology program will certainly enhance your existing love of the craft. When you’re doing nail technology day in and day out, you’ll learn how much you appreciate everything that goes into the nail technology art form. Plus, being around other people who are as deeply invested in nail technology as you are can certainly make you appreciate nail technology even more.


If you’re currently considering whether a nail technology program is necessary, take a second to consider all of these skills. You can learn at least some of them on your own, but can you learn all of them? It’s unlikely. A nail technology program is a must-have if you’re going to succeed in the nail technician world. 

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