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Essential Skills You Learn in Nail School

June 12th, 2023

Nail Technology

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If you love nail art and have wondered what turning that passion for artistry into a career as a nail technician might look like, you’re in the right place. Understanding the skills you will learn in a nail technician program will help you decide whether or not nail school is right for you. Plus, getting an inside look at what the nail tech curriculum might look like can help ease worries and better prepare you for your next steps to becoming a full-time nail technician.

What Skills Do You Need to Be a Nail Technician?

Pursuing a career as a nail technician is about more than just grabbing nail polish and going to town. From salon-specific procedures to application and artistry techniques, anatomy and nail care, and more, becoming a nail technician requires a well-rounded education in all aspects of the job. Let’s take a closer look.

Salon Procedures

While each salon will have its own unique set of rules and guidelines, the basic procedures for nail artistry come from a similar foundation across the board. At Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, we teach our nail tech students the ins and outs of these procedures to better prepare you for the business side of the beauty industry. Understanding what to expect in a salon environment can make the difference between starting your career on a strong footing and feeling a little lost.

Nail Care and Anatomy

Just like a painter must understand the canvas they’re working on, aspiring nail technicians must understand how to properly care for and treat nails of all types. Just as any other part of the human anatomy has different concerns, care issues, and types, fingernails and toenails do, too. Knowing how to navigate these differences across the wide range of clientele you may encounter throughout your education and career is crucial to your ability to thrive in the industry.
That’s why a major component of nail technician training is understanding nail care and anatomy as it relates to these things. You’ll learn how to give hand, foot, and calf massages as well as how to properly care for your clients’ fingernails, nail beds, and more while providing nail tech services.

Polish Application and Removal

Of course, while becoming a successful nail technician isn’t only about nail polish application and removal, it certainly is an important component of the job. After all, people love exploring different colors, designs, and polish types when they schedule a manicure or pedicure. Learning the latest and most reliable techniques for nail polish application and safe removal is another critical skill you will learn as a nail tech student.

Nail Artistry

The artistry part of the trade is one of the most popular, and it’s often what attracts nail art enthusiasts to the field of nail tech in the first place. During your nail technician education, you will learn techniques for achieving unique and appealing nail art and nail designs consistently and with quality results in mind.
While you will learn some techniques to complement your foundational skills in a nail technician program, many students choose to pursue additional training and certifications that help them learn more specialized techniques and add more unique designs to their repertoire. How you approach nail artistry after graduation is up to you, but it can be one of the most wide-ranging and varied aspects of the job if you invest the time and effort to continue adding skills to your repertoire.

Sterilization and Safety

Sterilization and safety are especially important in the space of nail art and nail services. Because you are working with parts of the human body that are prone to certain bacterial infections, injury, and see a lot of dirt and grime (under the fingernails can be especially grimy), you’ll learn the necessary steps to maintaining a safe and clean environment for you and your clients. From tool sterilization to sanitation and cleanliness in the services you provide, a quality nail technician program will cover these aspects of the job thoroughly.

How to Know if Nail Art Is a Good Career Choice for You

If the skills detailed in the previous section are exciting opportunities to you, you may very well have what it takes to become an exceptional nail artist in the beauty industry. However, truly finding success as a nail tech is about more than just the curriculum you study. Here are a couple of personal traits that will take you far if you choose to pursue a career in nail artistry.

Interpersonal Care and Education

As a nail artist, your success will depend heavily on your ability to build and maintain a book of clients that trust you and return time and time again for your unique art and care. That means that it’s important to provide encouraging and casual social interactions during your services, as well as offer tips and provide education on how your clients can best care for their hands, skin, and nails between appointments, too. Going the extra mile to provide these personalized services and pieces of information will build loyalty that will earn you not only repeat business, but referrals as well.

A Love of Nail Technology

Loving the work you do is foundational to long-term success in any industry, and nail technology is no exception. Finding long-term success in the beauty industry requires a love of the craft you’re passionate about, and a willingness to stay on the cutting edge of the technology, applications, techniques, and trends within your industry. If you’re naturally curious about where the world of nail art is headed next, you are more likely to find the career fulfilling for years to come.

Learn the Skills You Need to Become a Nail Technician at Tricoci University

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