After attending nail school, your skills as a nail technician can lead you to a variety of new job opportunities. Here are the top four career paths for nail school graduates.

1. Nail Technician

Being a nail technician is a creative job where you help clients look and feel better. You won’t be stuck behind a desk; you can engage with people and make them feel special.
Nail services are growing in popularity. It’s considered to be a low-cost luxury service, and people of all income levels are increasingly seeking nail services to improve their grooming and pamper themselves.
There is strong job growth for nail technicians of all types and specializations. Whether you’re interested in general nail care or specializing in manicures or pedicures, demand for nail services is growing, and you can expect more jobs to be opening in the coming years.
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for manicurists and pedicurists are expected to grow 10 percent in the next decade. That’s twice as fast as the average growth of all jobs.
While most of these jobs will be in nail salons, spas or hair salons, there is also a growing demand for new types of nail services. For example, mobile nail care involves traveling to a client’s location. Another trend is the growing interest in non-toxic nail care for clients who prefer natural or organic beauty products. There’s also growing interest in mini-manicures as people look to fit their nail care into busy schedules.

2. Nail Art Influencer

The visual creativity of nail art can make a big splash on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.
As you start to gain a following, you could earn money from sponsored posts and product marketing. You could also become a nail industry insider who sets trends, works with celebs and attends fashion shows.
For example, Instagram nail influencer Tracylee Percival got coverage in the media after working as a manicurist on the Rodarte fashion show. She chose to do glitter cuticles by painting the models’ nails a shade of nude-pink, and then using a fine brush, she added a thin line of glitter along the cuticle. “It creates a kind of jewelry effect on the nails,” she said.
Being at the forefront of nail art can be very creative, but there can also be steep competition. Your role as an influencer can develop over time.

3. Nail Technician Instructor

If you want to share your love of nails with others, becoming a nail instructor at a beauty school is a great way to train the next generation. Not only will you be sharing your passion, but you’ll be helping future nail technicians develop their skills.

As the demand for nail technicians grows in the workforce, there will simultaneously be a need for more teachers to train them. This means that there could be an increase in nail instructor job opportunities.

4. Business Owner

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, there are many options for starting a nail-related business. You could start a nail salon or find other opportunities in the nail care or beauty industry. Your creative ideas could have the potential to yield exciting profits.
Owning a business has the advantage of giving you more freedom over your schedule and the chance it increases your income. However, business ownership can also mean more paperwork and responsibility.
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