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What Does a Hair Color Specialist Do?

July 21st, 2023


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That fresh-out-of-the-salon-chair feeling is hard to beat, and if the idea of providing that feeling for others with the unique and diverse skill of hair coloring is of interest to you, you’ve come to the right place. You may be just starting to dive into the idea of what life as a hair colorist might look like, or maybe you’ve been toying with the idea for a while now and are wondering what an education in hair coloring might actually look like, in practice. Either way, this article will help equip you with the knowledge you need to decide if becoming a hair colorist is the right path for you.

How to Become a Hair Colorist

As with many career paths, the key to starting your journey toward becoming a hair colorist is in determining what type of training you need to learn the essential skills and techniques you will utilize daily as a colorist. In this case, cosmetology programs are your golden ticket. While there are a variety of specialties to undertake within the larger cosmetology scope, a cosmetology program offers aspiring hair color specialists a full and well-rounded education.

Applying for a cosmetology school will be your first step toward a thriving career in the beauty industry as a hair colorist, but choosing the right cosmetology school for you is just as important. Be sure to vet the schools in your area and determine if nearby programs offer the flexibility and opportunities you’re looking for.

Additionally, consider the future beyond the program as you narrow your options. Each state has different requirements for obtaining your cosmetology license, so choosing a school in the state you plan to pursue a professional career in after graduation is often a good idea. Tricoci University of Beauty Culture offers cosmetology programs at our campuses in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

What Are Hair Colorist Classes?

What you learn within your program will help you build the foundation for a successful career in the beauty industry, but you might be surprised by just how deep a cosmetology education can go. Regardless of your specialized focus, all Tricoci University students learn the critical foundation of anatomy, chemistry, and more.

A complete hair colorist education covers everything from how to develop the proper formulas for your clients’ desired color choices, how to work with different types of hair, how the chemistry of each client requires unique formulation to achieve desired results, and more.

In short, you learn how to mix, apply, and care for freshly colored hair in ways that not only maintain the health of the hair, but also extend the life of the color. Additionally, you will learn how to help educate clients on post-service care so they can help maintain their new color, too.

At Tricoci University, we believe that it’s critical to learn about the business of beauty as well as the nitty gritty knowledge of your chosen specialty. That’s why we also provide education focused on the business side of cosmetology and the beauty industry, so you can better navigate your opportunities after graduation.

Daily Life of a Hair Color Specialist

As for what a hair color specialist does, well, that is up to each individual. There are a plethora of career options available for those interested in building a future as a hair colorist, including working in a salon, starting your own business, specializing in hair color specifically for photo and video shoots, and more.

One of the most exciting aspects of work as a hair color specialist is the reality that every day will be different based on the client base you cultivate and the projects you take on. From the ability to dye hair any color of the rainbow to tackling unique patterning, hair color trends, and exploring your creativity with clients that want to create their look alongside your expertise, the world is your oyster as a hair color specialist, but here are a few things you can expect to encounter most days:

  • Booking clients
  • Consulting with new clients to determine the best plan for their hair goals
  • Mixing appropriate color formulations and lightener to achieve the right look
  • Working with clients who want a drastic change to determine the best course of action to meet their wants while keeping their hair health in mind
  • Cleaning all tools used throughout the day
  • Photographing and sharing favorite looks on social media to help promote your services
  • Pursuing additional educational opportunities to widen your skill set and develop the ability to provide additional services

Work Toward Becoming the Best Hair Color Specialist at Tricoci University

If the daily ins and outs as well as the creative freedom to explore hair color trends and develop new ones with your clients is calling your name, it’s time to take the next step toward making your future as a hair color specialist a reality. Check out our cosmetology program or contact us to schedule a virtual tour at a Tricoci University campus today.

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