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Career Opportunities: Your Life as a Makeup Artist

January 13th, 2020


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Cosmetology opens the door to a variety of different careers. These careers are varied, but all of them are extremely interesting. In fact, many people appreciate the wealth of opportunities cosmetology provides for them because of that variety. But makeup artistry, in particular, is one of the things that people enjoy the most. Why is that? These important parts of being a makeup artist are what might draw you to your own success in a cosmetology program.

Flexibility in Scheduling

As a makeup artist, you create your own schedule. Although clients will call you with requests for certain dates, you always have the ability to turn them down and give yourself leeway when you need it. That flexibility is prominent in a lot of self-employment jobs, but it’s especially significant in makeup artistry.

Though some people worry about the fact that self-employment isn’t always as reliable as a 9-to-5 job, that 9-to-5 job simply doesn’t offer the freedom that makeup artistry does. If you’re someone who likes to set their own hours, makeup artistry will absolutely appeal to you.

Ultimate Creativity

No matter what type of makeup effects you’re interested in, you can find a niche for yourself doing it. There are plenty of specialties available in the makeup field that will perfectly suit your exact style of creativity, regardless of what it is.

For example, you might find yourself drawn to SFX for movies and TV shows. You may decide you want to work on makeup for models on shoots. Or you might move to wedding makeup and help brides get ready for one of the biggest days of their lives. No matter what it is, you have the capacity to showcase your creativity in the way you’ve always wanted to.

Constantly Meeting People

One of the biggest benefits of becoming a cosmetologist is that you’re always going to be meeting someone new. As an entry-level makeup artist, you probably won’t be meeting celebrities every day, but everyone comes with their own story. Even just the people you’ll meet from your city will have something interesting to say.

Plus, if you do choose to pursue more visible makeup artistry, you may actually end up meeting celebrities and models you’ve known about for a long time. Again, the choices you make are all up to you, and you get to choose who you meet as a makeup artist.

Makeup Supply Discounts

To be a truly amazing makeup artist, you need to have great supplies on hand at all times. That usually means having a huge swath of makeup- including a variety of colors, all sorts of products, and many different tools. To help offset the cost of purchasing all this makeup, many companies offer a professional discount you can take advantage of if you’re a professional makeup artist.

Of course, this definitely cuts down on your business expenses, which makes it easier to turn a profit with your business. But another benefit of these discounts is that they’re not limited to only your professional products. You can stock up on your personal favorites at a discounted price, which can be a great perk.

Impacting All Sorts of People

Every time you apply makeup, you’re impacting someone in some way. It may be creating a beautiful style for a bridal shower, mocking up a model to sell a product, or creating a grisly image for an indie movie. But no matter what it is, you’re an incredibly important part of the process, and when you see the finished product, you’ll know you made an impact.

Even more importantly, the people you’re with will appreciate the impact you’ve made on them. Although some people can be overly critical, there’s nothing quite like the smile on someone’s face when they first see your handiwork in a mirror. And that’s something that will impact you as long as you’re a makeup artist.


People love makeup artistry because it’s a creative endeavor that allows people to express themselves. If you’re a very creative person who loves working with other people, an esthetics program can set you up to succeed in the industry. Get in touch with Tricoci University of Beauty Culture and start on your own journey toward the makeup artist world.

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