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How to Prepare for Beauty School Using Your Everyday High School Experiences

January 15th, 2020

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Determining your college education is an important part of your later years of high school. When you’ve decided to go to Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, you then need to determine how to make the most of your remaining time in high school. In fact, you can actually use your high school experiences to not only get ready for beauty school but even lead you to it more easily.

Set Fun Challenges for Yourself

Once you’ve mastered your own makeup and skin care routines, you should try to do it in a brand new way so you have a variety of skills when you enter Tricoci University. For example, consider trying out a five-minute makeup routine every day for a week, or only use one brush for all portions of your makeup.

You don’t necessarily need to master these interesting little challenges; you just want to try building better control over a wider array of uses for your tools and products. Come up with things you find fun, and you’ll definitely be able to discover new ways of using everything in your makeup cabinet.

Try Out a Non-Traditional Makeup Style

If you really want to stretch your skills, you should consider trying out a non-traditional makeup style every so often. For people who have already been trying out a variety of makeup styles in preparation for beauty school, this can be a great way to try out things you wouldn’t usually go for in everyday life.

Of course, if you’re trying to stay more under the radar at your high school, non-traditional makeup might not be exactly what you want to show off every day. If that’s your style, consider doing different types of makeup at home, then taking pictures and washing it off. You still get the practice without having to go out in it.

Help Friends With Different Skin Tones and Undertones

Learning how to do your own makeup is a great start, but as a makeup artist or cosmetologist, you’re going to have to do makeup on people with a variety of skin tones and undertones. As a high schooler, that means asking all of your friends to let you try out your favorite styles on them.

Remember that undertones are just as important as overall skin tones. If you can, ask people who go to your school, members of your family, and even people you meet in other areas of your life if they’ll let you try out your skills. After all, the more practice, the better.

Create Fancy Looks for Events

You probably don’t want to go to high school every day in your fanciest makeup, but high school has fancy events aplenty. Whether it’s prom, homecoming, a first date or just a very fancy party, there are lots of reasons you or your friends might want a fancy makeup look. That’s the perfect time to get some additional practice.

Fancy makeup looks come together differently than everyday looks, and just because you’ve mastered one doesn’t mean you can necessarily put together the other. Any time one of your friends is going to need a fancy face of makeup, you should be their first choice. Not only will it give you additional practice, but they’ll get a beautiful lookout of it as well.


It’s clear that you can absolutely use your everyday high school experiences to prepare yourself for beauty school. Whether you’ve decided to go through Tricoci University’s cosmetology program or the esthetics and makeup artistry program, this makeup practice is a great way to get ready for everything you’re going to learn through these programs. Learn more about Tricoci University’s programs and get in touch when you’re ready to move forward.

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