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5 Essentials for Your Makeup Bag

December 24th, 2020

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Have you ever been out and about and needed a quick makeup fix? Or have you ever wanted to pair down your makeup bag to essentials that you can use anywhere? Whether you’re an on-the-go gal, or or just need a quick makeup refresh that won’t take much time, we have the top five essentials to have on hand in your makeup bag to quickly freshen up your look and continue looking fabulous all day.The best part? All of these items can fit any budget and take up very little space in your bag.

  1. Makeup Wipes.makeup wipesMakeup wipes are an absolute essential for any makeup bag. While we love to have these at home to use to get off pesky eye makeup before a proper cleansing at the end of the night, they’re super convenient to have on hand during the day. Makeup wipes can help remove any smudges that may occur during the day. If you need a quick refresher, a swipe of a makeup wipe can help remove oil and product build up, leaving skin feeling clean without needing to head to the sink. Look for wipes that are safe for use around the eye area and be gentle when using; there’s no need for scrubbing when using a makeup wipe. Many brands also carry on-the-go style packaging, with 1-3 wipes per package, so they don’t take up too much room in your makeup bag.
  2. Concealer. Concealer is a great addition to a makeup bag because it has so many uses. Dark circles? Dab on some concealer underneath the eyes to make you look more awake. A pesky pimple? Apply a thin coat of concealer to tone down the affected area. Concealer is particularly useful because it can be used effectively to spot-treat areas, rather than re-apply an entire new face of makeup. An added benefit? Concealer often comes in small tubes and is easy to apply- many formulas include a wand, or are easy to apply by dabbing with a ring finger.
  3. A Tinted Lip Balm. One of the worst feelings is having dry skin, especially chapped lips. A tinted lip balm is a great option to have on hand in your makeup bag. Tinted lip balms come in a variety of colors and levels of opacity- some provide a very sheer color while others can nearly stand in as a lipstick. Because it is a balm, it will provide the much needed moisture for your lips, while also adding a bit of shine and color. Tinted lip balms are a great option for on-the-go because it eliminates multiple steps of putting on lipstick, yet provides the medicinal benefits of a lip balm. Another perhaps less thought of way you can use tinted lip balm is on your cheeks. Apply dabs of the balm to the apples of your cheeks and use your fingers to blend upwards to make a blush. It’s like having two products in one!
  4. Dry Shampoo. We’ll be honest: we would truly be lost without dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a necessity that should be added to any makeup bag. Typically we use dry shampoo to absorb any excess oil on hair on an off day between washes, but dry shampoos have any other uses as well. If hair is feeling limp and you’d like to add a bit of volume,lift sections of hair around the crow of your head and spritz a bit of product at the roots. Then, gently massage into hair to get a perfectly tousled look. Dry shampoo can also be added for texture and a gentle hold if you’re putting bobby pins or clips in your hair. If you have been rocking bangs lately, dry shampoo can also be sprayed on the underside of your bangs to prevent strands from becoming oily and sticking to your forehead.
  5. Hair-ties. makeup A bad hair day can quickly lead to a disaster. However, there’s truly nothing a hair tie can’t fix, which is why we consider them an absolute must for your makeup bag. The simplest and most fool-proof look to create with a hair tie is a low bun. A low bun can be polished and professional, but keeps unruly hair out of your face. Other simple, yet fun looks are a single high ponytail or a messy bun. We recommend using your dry shampoo to provide volume and texture for these looks to give an extra ‘oomph.’ Some other great looks with a hair tie are half up looks in which half of your hair is pulled into a ponytail or bun, with the other half down, or a french or fishtail braid. A hair tie provides lots of options to create great styles.

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