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High School Courses That Can Prepare You for Cosmetology

January 21st, 2020


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To most effectively utilize your high school years, it’s helpful to know what you’re interested in doing after college. Once you know you’re interested in cosmetology, the next question is how you should prepare for cosmetology in the years leading up to graduation. A great way to do that is to take classes that will help you in your cosmetology career. What are those classes? These are the best ones that will help you complete your cosmetology program at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture.


Obviously, cosmetology is a very art-heavy field. If you want to make sure you have a basic understanding of the concepts you need to succeed in the cosmetology field, it’s a good idea to take art classes in high school. These classes will prepare you for the basics so you don’t have to catch up as much in your cosmetology courses.

Even if you don’t take art as an elective in high school, consider investing some time into art during your high school years. You can benefit substantially even from an introductory knowledge of color theory and design concepts you can bring into the cosmetology world.


Though you may not think of it this way, cosmetology is really a science. As a cosmetologist, you’re working with a variety of chemicals and compounds, and you need to make sure you know what you’re doing with them. Even more importantly, you need to make sure your guests are safe every time you use them.

On top of chemistry, you also need to invest some time into biology. This is incredibly important if you’re planning to try an esthetics program, which deals specifically with skincare and often includes more medically-minded services. But regardless of the specific field you’re interested in, biology will give you the information you need to stay safe.


As a cosmetologist, you might end up having to set your own prices for things. Many cosmetologists work as freelancers, and although that offers a lot of freedom, it also requires you to keep in mind your own pricing structure. Plus, as a freelancer, you need to calculate your own expenses and pay your own taxes.

If you’re interested in becoming a salon owner, mathematics is an even more important facet you should invest time and energy into. Any building or business owner needs to have a mind for numbers, and salon ownership is no different. A sturdy background in mathematics will help you prepare for these parts of cosmetology.

Communications Extracurriculars

Cosmetologists constantly communicate with salon guests and other clients. As a cosmetologist, it’s your job to make sure your guest is comfortable, and communication is an important part of that. After all, the salon has historically been a place for people to get together and have conversations, and you can play a part in that.

Additionally, communication is important when it comes to talking to your salon guests as customers. Many cosmetologists receive a commission on products, but you don’t want to just sell products for a commission. You want to learn what your salon guests need, determine the product that works best for them, and introduce them to the product as naturally as you can.

Sports and Gym

Though you might not have thought of this concept, cosmetology does actually require a decent amount of physical exertion. Think about it: you’re going to have to stand up for long stretches of time, use your fingers very dexterously, and be able to move around throughout your salon regularly. This is all physical exertion.

As a cosmetologist, you can definitely benefit from sports and gym exercisesthat will help increase your endurance. Try to find a sport that increases your physical capabilities while also allowing you to keep a dexterous hand and a gentle touch for the best results.


You don’t have to wait until cosmetology school to start preparing yourself for the cosmetology career ahead of you. Before you even contact Tricoci University, you can start by lining up the proper high school courses to prepare you for the field. These are some of the most important ones, but, if you keep your wits about you, just about anything can help you prepare for cosmetology school. When you’ve decided to approach a cosmetology program, get in touch with Tricoci University to learn more.

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