Hair school vs cosmetology school

The Difference Between Hair School and Cosmetology School

February 3rd, 2020


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If you’re looking around for “beauty and cosmetology school near me,” you may see a number of different titles used for these schools. The most common tends to be “cosmetology school”, “hair school”, or “hairdressing school”, along with the catch-all “beauty school.” It can be confusing to see these different titles and wonder whether they have any impact on what the school teaches. Here’s everything you need to know about the difference.

Differences Between Individual Schools

There’s no regulation surrounding the different terms schools use for their branding. A school may refer to itself as a “cosmetology school” despite teaching both makeup and hairstyling. Because hairstyling is an important part of the cosmetology process, a school that deals strictly in hairstyling may prefer the term “cosmetology school” over “hairdressing school.”

Because of this often-confusing difference, it’s extremely important that you look at information regarding each individual school. If a school offers multiple programs, like Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, navigate to the program you’re interested in and read more about what the program teaches, what careers it prepares you for, and more.

Difhairdressingferences Between States

When you decide to start practicing, you should understand that different states have different licensure requirements. It’s extremely important that the beauty school you go to offers the minimum amount of education for licensure in your state. In some states, different professions require different licensing tests, so check to make sure the school offers education for the test you’ll need to take.

Remember that the federal government doesn’t regulate licensure requirements. Instead, states set those requirements individually. This individual decision means some states don’t require licensure to practice. Regardless, it’s still important that you take a licensure test after graduating so you can prove your education to your future employer.

The Importance for Your Resume

One thing you might want to consider is how a school will look on your resume. Obviously, this shouldn’t be a deciding characteristic, but it’s an important part of preparing for your future career. Choosing a college that immediately expresses your qualifications can make a difference when it comes to a quick look through your resume.

Because of this, it’s sometimes better to choose a school that uses “beauty” instead of either “hair” or “cosmetology.” However, you should make your final choice based on the services the college provides. It’s always useful to find a school like Tricoci University, which is a recognizable name in the beauty community and offers a quality education. At Tricoci University, you’ll be working with real clients on the clinic floor, creating a body of work that you can showcase as your portfolio.

Contacting Schools You’re Interested In

Once you’ve narrowed down the pool to a few schools you’re more interested in, it’s a good idea to contact each school individually. When you contact a school, you can learn more about the exact options that the school provides, as well as any application or admission information you should know about.

After that, you can make your final choice. Remember that the final choice should rely more on whether a school fits your personal needs than what it’s called. If a school refers to itself as a “cosmetology school” but it teaches exactly the skills you’re looking for, that may be the perfect option to build your future career.


The differences between a hair school and a cosmetology school essentially come down to what a beauty school decides to call itself. Because both terms can mean very similar things, many schools have chosen instead to use the term “beauty school,” which conveys a sense of all the different information the school itself may teach. Whether you’re interested in cosmetology, esthetics, barbering or something else, Tricoci University may be able to guide you in your beauty journey.

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