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Is Cosmetology School Difficult to Get Through?

February 5th, 2020


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It’s common for students considering going to college to wonder how difficult it will be. Cosmetology school is a great example. Many people wonder, “Is cosmetology school difficult?” It’s understandable that you want to set yourself up for success in college and your career. In this blog post, we’ll provide more details to help you determine if cosmetology school is right for you.

Benefits of Cosmetology School

We’ll get into more specific details of what cosmetology school is and its difficulty here shortly. But first, let’s review some of the pros and cons of cosmetology school.

Pros or Benefits of Cosmetology School

Cosmetology school offers many benefits for students.

  • You get to use your creativity. Cosmetologists have lots of freedom to get creative. Of course, you’ll learn the foundational skills necessary to help you succeed. But it’s passion and creativity that separates the great cosmetologists from the good ones.
  • Flexible schedules for learning. Most cosmetology schools offer options for part-time or full-time education. You can plan out the course schedule that works best for you.
  • You’ll form meaningful relationships. At cosmetology school, you will attend classes and gain valuable hands-on work experience with others who share your passion for beauty.
  • You get to do what you love. Those who attend cosmetology school do it because they are interested in learning more about and pursuing a career in the field. When you go to school for something that you are passionate about, the outcome is typically better.

These are some of the benefits of attending cosmetology school. Post-graduation benefits vary and include the ability to work at a salon or even for yourself, depending on your goals.

Cons or Negative Aspects of Cosmetology School

Like anything in life, cosmetology school does have some downsides. These include:

  • Cosmetology school can be tiring. Coursework can be mentally taxing for students. Meanwhile, hands-on training may require you to be on your feet most of the day.
  • You will encounter difficult clients. As with any profession, you will encounter individuals who are having a bad day or just don’t vibe with your style. Working with difficult clients is often a part of the job, but cosmetology school prepares you to perform at your best.
  • Cosmetology school takes time and money. While cosmetology school is more affordable than some post-secondary education opportunities, cost is still a factor for many students. Financial aid helps many students get through cosmetology school.
  • It’s not all glamorous. Cosmetologists deal with people’s hair, skin and nails. It’s a bit messy. Cosmetology school helps you train for this reality in a professional way.

In the big scheme of things, the pros of cosmetology school outweigh the cons for many of our students. That is because students in cosmetology school are passionate about the field.

How Does Cosmetology School Work?

Cosmetology school teaches you a trade. Electricians, plumbers and welders are all examples of popular trade-based career paths. All need specialized training before you can enter the field. As a cosmetologist, you’ll provide a valuable service to people who don’t have the knowledge or skills necessary to perform that service. If you don’t have a vested interest in the trade you’re learning, then you’re probably going to find classes more difficult.

In general, the difficulty of beauty school has a lot to do with how much you want to pursue cosmetology as a career. If you’re more driven toward cosmetology, you’ll put more effort into beauty school, which will make it easier to finish. You’ll also have more fun. At Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, we look for students who are passionate about cosmetology. Finishing beauty school is a whole lot easier if it’s something you are passionate about.

What Is a Trade School?

A trade school is a post-secondary educational institution that offers training for a specific job. Students attend trade school to gain the knowledge and skills needed for their career. Tricoci University is a trade school for those interested in cosmetology and other related fields.

Understanding Your Learning Style

Understanding how you learn can make beauty school easier to complete. Different people learn in different ways. For example, you may learn best with hands-on training. Others learn better in a classroom environment. This could include attending lectures or reading course materials.

No matter how you learn, the good news is that cosmetology school supports a variety of learning styles. Some of the ways students learn at Tricoci University include:

  • Watching videos.
  • Attending demonstrations.
  • Listening to guest artists.
  • Attending visual and practical presentations.
  • Attending lectures.
  • Gaining hands-on experience.

Cosmetology school provides more opportunities to learn in a way that benefits you.

Passing Your Cosmetology Licensing Exam

The goal of cosmetology school is to gain the skills and knowledge you need to pass your licensing exam. Even if you live in a state where licensure isn’t required, it’s still an extremely important step if you want to keep all your options open throughout the course of your career. Passing the licensing exam can be one of the most difficult parts of any beauty school.

Although passing your licensing test is a difficult part of the process, it’s also something that cosmetology schools prepare you for. The best cosmetology schools will provide you with the education and practical experience you need to successfully pass your licensing exam. A beauty school may even offer a practice test to more thoroughly prepare you for the real thing.

Deciding If Cosmetology Is a Good Career for You

With all this information, you may be wondering if cosmetology is a good career path to pursue? While cosmetology school can be difficult, if you truly have a passion for beauty, then we can help provide you with the training and tools you need to be successful in the field.

Your love of the craft will have a huge impact on how difficult cosmetology school is. The more you have a drive to succeed in beauty school the more you’ll be willing and able to learn. Sure, some parts of cosmetology school may be more difficult than others. But when you attend an accredited institution like Tricoci University, you’re never alone in your pursuit of success.

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