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Is Cosmetology Really a Good Career Path?

January 13th, 2021


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When it comes to choosing a college path, one thing that many people focus on is whether it could lead to a stable career. College paths can vary dramatically, and some college programs will be more conducive to a permanent career than others. Although you may currently think of cosmetology as being more of a hobby than a permanent career, cosmetology can actually be a great career path. Here are a few of the things to think about when you’re considering cosmetology school.

1. People Will Always Need Cosmetologists

One of the biggest reasons that cosmetology is such a stable career path is the simple fact that people will always need cosmetologists. As far back as ancient Egypt, there were individuals who were essentially early cosmetologists. The fact that cosmetology as a profession has survived for thousands of years is simply a tribute to its importance.

There are some job fields that are slowing down, but cosmetology doesn’t seem to be one of them. For the most part, people have observed that the cosmetology field has actually grown at slightly above the national average. That means you don’t have to worry about suddenly having your field become less desirable.

2. Cosmetology Is a Non-Automatable Service

In today’s modern age, automation is a potential problem for many jobs. A number of factory-like jobs have become unnecessary because of automation. As AI and machines become more and more advanced, it becomes even more of a possibility that a wider swath of jobs could become essentially unnecessary.

However, there are some services that automation just can’t overtake. For the most part, this includes services that are artistic and have to happen differently every time. Cosmetology is one of those services: You need an artistic eye to do cosmetology, it’s different for every person, and many people appreciate the human contact they experience during cosmetology services.

3. Most People Can’t Perform Cosmetology Services

The average Joe simply can’t perform experienced cosmetology services for themselves. Sure, it’s possible for someone to learn how to cut and color their own hair, but how many people are going to take the time to educate themselves on how to do precise cuts and styles? It’s far more likely that they’ll have a very slight understanding of what to do, which can lead to making significant mistakes.

This leads to the #1 reason that cosmetology is such a stable job field. When the vast majority of people can’t do something, individuals who have training in that skill will be even more valuable. Cosmetology is one of the things the general public can’t typically do, which makes it a valuable and salable skill to have.

4. Cosmetology Uses Skills You Can Learn

Even though most people can’t do cosmetology services on their own, there’s no inherent physical or mental state you need to have to become a cosmetologist. Cosmetology skills aren’t inborn; they’re something you learn through a cosmetology program. That means anyone can become a cosmetologist, regardless of their current cosmetology knowledge.

When you go through a cosmetology course from a reputable beauty school like Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become a cosmetologist. Sure, you might want to prepare somewhat by learning a bit about the world of cosmetology, but Tricoci University will give you all the information you need.


Anyone who’s looking for a college path that will lead to a relatively stable career may want to consider different college opportunities. Many trade schools lead to very stable careers, and cosmetology is nothing if not a stable trade. If cosmetology seems like the best option for you, feel free to talk to a Tricoci University team member to learn more about the pathways you can take to a cosmetology career.

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