Beauty Career: Permanent Makeup Artist

October 3rd, 2019


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When you think of becoming a makeup artist, you probably think of traditional makeup, which you only apply for a day or less before washing it off. Permanent makeup, however, is a lesser-known style of makeup. If you love to help people, and you’re interested in an education in esthetics, here’s why you may want to consider a career in the permanent makeup field.


When you apply permanent makeup, you can use a few different tools and methods. Most of the time, it’s a similar method as tattooing; some permanent makeup professionals even use the exact same tools as tattooists to apply the makeup. Though it’s not makeup in the traditional sense, many permanent makeup artists also do procedures to implant hair under the skin.

People go to permanent makeup artists for a variety of reasons. Some do it just to avoid the hassle of applying makeup every morning, but it’s also common to seek permanent makeup application because of a disability. Whether an individual doesn’t grow hair, finds it difficult to apply makeup in general, or has an allergy to makeup ingredients, permanent makeup can be a lifesaver.

Job Outlook

As technology progresses, so does the science behind permanent makeup application. People will always seek a more effective or accessible way to apply makeup, which means that permanent makeup artists have a stable job outlook.

Although most permanent makeup artists are self-employed, according to the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, many people enjoy being self-employed. If you’d rather not deal with self-employment, you still have options, because around 13% of permanent makeup artists are employed traditionally.


Every specialized cosmetology career has a set of requirements. Though these may vary from state to state, certain requirements tend to pop up more frequently than others do.


Getting an education in esthetics is an incredibly important part of becoming a permanent makeup artist. Although it’s not always a strict requirement, it puts you above any peers that don’t have the same training. Plus, esthetics training will allow you to perform additional services if you don’t want to exclusively perform permanent makeup services.


Permanent makeup artistry is a new job field, which means that a lot of states don’t have strict licensing requirements. A few do have specific licensing requirements, but many states group permanent makeup artistry with tattooing. It’s important to talk to the permanent makeup artists you want to apprentice under, as well as an esthetics expert, to see what licensing you need.


In states that specifically license permanent makeup artists, there are usually a minimum number of in-school training hours. This is important for your future career, and it doesn’t usually take very long.

Skills for Success

You need a few skills to become a great permanent makeup artist. Make sure you develop these skills through your education esthetics and your in-school training.

Fine Motor Skills

Similarly to tattooing, a steady hand and significant dexterity are important in permanent makeup artistry. Because someone will bear your artwork forever, you need to be able to get things right the first time. You also need to be able to make very small movements accurately.

A Love for Knowledge

Ongoing education can be helpful for both your customers and you. Around 97% of permanent makeup artists partake in continuing education. Technology progresses at an astounding rate, and continuing education allows you to use more advanced techniques on your customers.

Great Personal Interactions

Permanent makeup artistry isn’t always a comfortable experience for the customer. However, if you can interact positively with your customers, they’re more likely to relax through the process. That’s why it’s so important to maintain a positive outlook and have great customer service interactions.

A Career for You

Even if you’ve never heard of professional makeup artists before this article, you might now be interested in pursuing a career in the field. Though it’s a fairly new concept and isn’t always well-recognized in professional spaces, it’s now a permanent fixture in the makeup world. To get started, check out the Esthetics Program at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. Not only will you learn the concepts you need to become a permanent makeup artist, but you’ll also learn other expert skills that you can apply to other cosmetology fields.

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