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Life in Esthetician School

April 25th, 2012


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By Patrycja Wozniak, Tricoci University at Chicago NW

Walking into Tricoci University on my first day of the Esthetics program, I was excited and anxious at the same time; not knowing what to expect. I had heard many different things about beauty school – some positive, some negative. The negative comments were completely wrong. There were eight girls in the classroom, including me and Ms. Carla, our instructor. As the weeks went by, we all grew closer and closer together.  We all had different interests outside of school, but we got along so well and respected one another. We were all going through the same experience, taking the same tests and learning about the same topic.

We learned dozens of different services we could perform on a future client, from enzyme peels to non-surgical facelifts. Attending esthetician school made us all very positive and confident we could do things we all were so nervous about in the beginning. The day we started hair removal, everyone was eager and excited to learn and paid close attention to Ms. Carla; no one wanted to miss a single step, and the moment she finished the demos we were ready to try it ourselves. The wonderful tools that we are given to work with made it that much more exciting to learn and gain hands-on experience with the techniques.

The best confidence boost was when Mario Tricoci himself would come to the campus to visit us! We met him on the first day of school, which was amazing. I’m sure everyone’s heart stopped when he walked in – I know mine did. The minute he walks in a room you see a confident, successful person and you realize why you are at Tricoci University and that confidence rubs off on you!

It was amazing to learn various techniques from the instructors, who share all of their knowledge that they have acquired throughout the years. We also learned how to custom blend our own makeup, which everyone loved whether they knew a thing or two about makeup or wanted to learn more. Looking back on everything, I remember every time there was something new put in front of us we all went for it. We wanted to succeed and be proud of ourselves, and I know we all were, not only of ourselves but each other.

This industry is not only about being independently successful but also being able to work with each other as a team. Tricoci University is the best you can ask for if you are looking for in-depth knowledge. Ms. Carla taught us so much these past five months, and I feel ready and excited to find my own way. I will always remember the friends I made at this school and waking up in the morning knowing that I would be learning something I have never done before. All eight of us are graduating this month, and even though it’s hard letting go, I know that I can always come back and visit and feel like I’m at my second home for a day. I will never forget the great friends I made and my overall experience at Tricoci University.

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