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Mini Manicures in March

April 23rd, 2012

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By Jessica Brown, Tricoci University in Peoria

Every month here at the Peoria campus we host a fun and exciting night for high school juniors and seniors called TUBC Explorers. Mrs. Cricket prepares an evening full of learning and exploring all aspects of life as a cosmetologist/esthetics student. The high school students are given a chance to have hands-on experience with many areas of the cosmetology career, so that they can make an educated decision about their future.

The program has been going extremely well with new Explorers added each month. In January, we had an attendance of four Explorers, in February there were eight, and in March we had 14! We are extremely excited about the continual growth of this program, and we hope that these Explorers will someday be awesome TUBC students!

In March, we had an open house to reintroduce the program. The topic was March Mani-Madness. We discussed the formation of the nail and how to properly care for the nail. Then, the Explorers were given a demonstration of a mini-manicure. They were so excited when they learned that they would have the chance to perform mini-manicures on each other! As they were performing their manicures, the Explorers had many “Ah-ha” moments. They left feeling more confident in their knowledge of nails and are looking forward to learning about hairstyling in April!

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