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Cosmetology school is something that can pay off extremely well. Cosmetology is an essential trade that everyday people can’t do
When it comes to choosing a college path, one thing that many people focus on is whether it could lead
Happy new year! You may have heard the phrase “New year, new you.” You may have already created your list
Tricoci University of Beauty Culture has some exciting news to share: Starting in March 2021, we will be introducing an
If you’re hoping to do better with your makeup opportunities, one thing you might want to consider is skin undertones.
Any time you’re planning to become a cosmetologist in a particular area, it’s always a good idea to make sure
go through cosmetology school
On-to-go or just in need of a makeup refresher? Here are 5 items you must include in your makeup bag.
It’s definitely possible to purchase truly high-quality hair care products online. You may even be able to purchase some salon
Video chatting is extremely important in today’s modern age. No matter who you are or what you’re doing in your
daily skincare routine
Lately, face masks have become the image of ultimate self-care. If you’ve had a long day, why not put your
Especially if you haven’t been able to get to a salon for a while, you might consider cutting your own
daily skincare routine
Every month when opening a magazine, or even every day opening emails from stores you’ve recently shopped at, you may
high school experience to cosmetology career
See ya later, 2020! Here are some holiday makeup looks to ring in the new year in style. Just like
Hat hair struggles
As the weather continues to get colder as we get closer to the winter months, we start to see changes
difference between Beauty and hair school
Dyed hair is a huge step to take, and if you want to take it in the best way possible,
tricoci university successful students
As an Illinois cosmetology school student, you’ll learn all sorts of things. There are many skills you’ll learn in cosmetology
difference between Beauty and hair school
Picture this: you head to the salon to treat yourself to a new ‘do. You leave a couple hours later
If you’ve ever looked for advice on your next hair care product, chances are you’ve seen someone recommend a salon
Although you probably go to a salon on a regular basis to maintain the health of your hair, that doesn’t
Crafting your own skin care process is something that can be fairly daunting. Especially if you don’t know much about


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