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A Creatively Demoed Updo

November 16th, 2012

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This is a guest blog post by TUBC student Angela Moser, Glendale Heights Campus.

Some of my favorite days at Tricoci University are when they bring people in to do creative demos. This past week Ms. Jen, who specializes in updos, came in. I was so happy when I was asked to be one of the models for this demo. When I came in on Wednesday morning I was super excited to get my hair done, and when it was my turn to go up she asked me a couple questions about what I would want to do with my hair. I told her that I would really be good with any kind of updo. She wanted to do something different than what she had done on the girl before me, so she thought just to pull it up is a side bun at first. Then she threw another idea out “what about a Mohawk!”, then another idea “what about an asymmetrical Mohawk.”

The most suspenseful part throughout the updo demo was not having a mirror anywhere in the room, because when I was all done it was a complete surprise what this would look like. I had no clue what this hairstyle would look like at all. When she said that I was all done I sprinted to the bathroom so I could see what my hair turned out like. When I got in the bathroom, I saw the updo and it looked AMAZING. It was extreme but really cute! I felt like I should have been walking in a runway show that day. The hairstyle consisted of backcombed curls going from the left front of my hair down to the right back of my head and it looked so cool! Since I have longer hair one of the girls in the school watching the demo suggested that she make a messy fishtail braid down with the rest of the hair, which turned out really cute as well. This was definitely not an everyday kind of a look, but it was fun to try!

student with asymmetrical updo

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