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Where Would I Be Without Tricoci University?

August 25th, 2011

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By Jasmine White

Assistantships, product reps, platform stylist, etc. – these are careers I knew nothing about. All my life I was only exposed to one area of the industry and that was being a stylist and working in the salon. Throughout the cosmetology program at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, we have had various visits from different areas in the industry to give us an idea of what we could be doing after graduation. I always wondered how did former cosmetology students make a smooth transition from school into the salon. Not only did this one particular visit answer my question, but it motivated me to end cosmetology school with on a strong note and start my career with a good name.

Charles Ifergan Salon & Day Spa is a visit that I will never forget. Starting with a fabulous haircut and ending with a great informational, the entire experience was breathtaking. You might ask yourself, what was so special about this visit? Well, let me tell you! The two stylists that represented the salon, did it with much class and confidence. Both stylists had completed the assistantship program which helped them become the great stylist they are today!

While walking us through a graduated bob haircut and air form, they both spoke on their personal journeys which lead them to Charles Ifergan. Their careers were challenging at first, but the program brought discipline, dedication, passion and success into their lives. I admired how comfortable they seemed to be with the students and how they were able to answer to every question the eager students posed. Along with the incentives the program offers, they presented a way for me to move forward with excitement and confidence in my career. This opportunity allows me to continue to grow as a new stylist with laying the foundation in identifying myself as one.

Having a chance to experience this, was made possible only by TUBC. Comparing stories with fellow friends in different cosmetology schools, they don’t have the same exposure as TUBC students. This is because Tricoci is not just worried about the “right now” with their students, but also their futures. They let students know, yes it’s okay to have fears, but you must make a plan to embrace them. With all the different types of cosmetology schools there are, I used to question my decision whether I chose the right school or not. These past 8 months here at Tricoci University have been the best of my life. There are endless possibilities on what you can do to be successful in the industry. I know this only because of the dedicated teachers and staff that go above and beyond to make sure we are prepared for the world outside of the clinic floor. I no longer question whether I made the right decision or not, now I ask where would I be without Tricoci University?!

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