How to Become a Facial Specialist

May 9th, 2023


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When you have a passion for skincare, you may have wondered whether or not you can apply that passion to a career. If you’ve found yourself daydreaming of spending your working days applying facials and helping people solve some of their trickiest skincare problems with targeted treatments, you may have wondered what it takes to become a facial specialist. This article will discuss what facial school really is, how licensed facial specialists are referred to within the beauty industry, and what education you really need if applying facials or working in a spa as a skincare specialist is your ultimate goal.

What Is a Facial School?

In short, a facial school (more commonly known as an esthetics or aesthetics program) is a program that teaches you the ins and outs of what facial treatments work in which ways and how to apply them properly on a variety of different skin types. However, most programs that provide a well-rounded education on facials as well as other skincare treatments are called esthetics or esthetician programs. If you’re researching the steps needed to become a facial specialist and keep coming across esthetics programs as a term, you’re on the right track!

Is a Facial School Different Than an Esthetician School

In most cases, no. An esthetics program will cover all the knowledge you need to become a facial specialist as well as other critical anatomical and biological information needed to succeed as a skincare professional within the beauty industry.

As an esthetics student, you will learn both basic and advanced knowledge and practice the skills and treatments you’ll perform as a professional hands-on throughout your education. From facials to other targeted treatments and more, the skincare classes you attend will teach you how to keep your clients’ skin healthy and glowing through a variety of techniques.

Finding the Right Esthetician School for Aspiring Facial Specialists

The right esthetics school for you will depend on your location, goals, and individual circumstances. Many schools that provide cosmetology programs may also offer esthetics programs, but not all schools offer both. It’s important to consider your goals and balance them with your interests. For example, at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, students sometimes attend both programs if they desire to open their own salon or work in an environment that might allow them to specialize in both hair and skincare.

Another benefit to attending a school that offers multiple programs is the ability to hone your skills in an environment that will more closely align with life in a salon after graduation.

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of schools in your area to those that align with your goals, reach out to schedule a tour or meet with an admissions counselor who can help you get a better idea of what life at that particular campus looks like on a daily basis. If possible, reach out to current students to learn more about their experiences as well, and ask about connecting with alumni to get a better understanding of how successful graduates have navigated the industry after their program.

Become a Facial Specialist with Esthetics Training at Tricoci University

As you consider esthetics schools that may be right for you, the team at Tricoci University is here to help. Our campuses in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin (known as aesthetics in Wisconsin) offer in-depth programs that will help you become the beauty professional you have always wanted to be. Schedule a guided virtual tour today to learn more and start your journey toward your passion-filled future.

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