Esthetician School: A Key Consideration for the Aspiring Makeup Artist

March 13th, 2023


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If you’re an aspiring makeup artist, enrolling in makeup classes from an accredited school will be part of your path toward becoming a professional in the field. Any accredited programs, the courses and knowledge necessary to become a licensed makeup artist fall under the umbrella of esthetics. Here’s why esthetician school should be a key consideration for makeup aficionados interested in pursuing their passion as a career path.

Aspiring makeup artists understand how important it is to enroll in accredited makeup classes so they gain the proper skills to be successful in their chosen career. However should makeup professionals also dabble in related industries such as cosmetology or esthetics? Learn why esthetician school should be a key consideration for makeup artists.

What Is Esthetician School?

In esthetician school a student is trained in a diverse range of skincare knowledge and services that may go beyond what a professional makeup artist or cosmetologist uses in their everyday life.

Tricoci University offers a rigorous training program that helps aspiring estheticians form a well-developed understanding of the science of skincare and how they can create healthy treatments to help heal or alleviate common conditions such as dryness or acne. Graduates of the program can go on to become successful estheticians and makeup artists in their own right whether they decide to start their own business or work in a salon or spa.

Why Should an Aspiring Makeup Artist Enroll in Esthetician School?

Esthetics may seem like a completely separate field from makeup, but aspiring makeup artists will want to enroll in an esthetics program to set themselves up for success. On top of learning proper makeup application techniques and artistry, you will also gain necessary knowledge of different skin types and how they may require different application methods.

Gain a Better Understanding of Facial Skin

For a makeup artist, the face is your canvas, and it’s important to have a full understanding of your “work space” to be successful. The face has some of the most delicate skin on your body, so it requires specialized knowledge and techniques to treat it well and ensure your makeup looks come out as intended. Whether it’s learning the anatomy or the physiology of the face, esthetician school can help you gain this knowledge.

Learn How To Keep Skin Healthy

Although makeup application is the primary job goal of a makeup artist, knowing how to keep your client’s skin healthy can inform your product choices and application technique. Having this knowledge to help guide your clients helps develop a trust that is necessary for repeat business after you graduate. When you fully understand the differing needs of different skin, you can adjust recommendations and products to help their natural skin shine with or without the makeup you apply.

You’ll Be More Valuable as a Makeup Artist

As with any job, the more skills you have in your back pocket the more valuable you will be to your employer and clients. If you can customize your makeup application to bring more moisture to a client’s dry skin or help them cover acne, you’ll help them feel more empowered and beautiful and as a result may become a more in-demand makeup artist.

Hone Your Makeup Artistry at Tricoci University

ake the next step in upgrading your makeup artistry skills. Enroll in the Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. You can customize the program to your schedule, finish in six months with full-time studying or nine months with part-time studying. With 750 training hours, you’ll develop an in-depth knowledge of esthetics in our accredited program.

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