How to Market Yourself as a Cosmetologist

January 11th, 2024


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Attending cosmetology school is only the first step to building a successful cosmetology career. The time to market yourself starts as soon as you begin learning! There’s no need to wait to complete your program and sit for your licensure exam. At Tricoci, we encourage students to create professional social media accounts while they are still in the program. From social media to networking and more, there are many avenues new beauty professionals can utilize to market themselves and build a book of business that helps them thrive. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Social Media Marketing for Cosmetologists

One of the most important things you can do to grow your career as a cosmetologist is to set up a professional digital presence for yourself. A personal website (utilizing tools like Squarespace to help) can be incredibly useful for relaying information, attracting new customers, and building credibility in your field, but don’t stop there.

Cultivate a social media presence on as many platforms as possible to extend your reach and begin building a community of supporters and potential clients. We recommend Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok to start. Keep your handles consistent across platforms and post a variety of content from finished looks, process videos, product demonstrations, before and after content, beauty tips, and new offers to show off your skills.

Showcase What Sets You Apart as a Hairstylist

In the competitive world we live in, the ability to set yourself apart from the crowd is more important than ever. Think about your strengths and what unique services you offer, then lean into them. If there’s something you specialize in, or a type of client you want to attract, make sure potential clients in your area know how skilled you are at those specific services. If there’s something you do that has become a signature process, result, or trust-builder with your current clients, show that frequently.

Cross-Promote With Other Beauty Professionals

A great way to strengthen both your client base and your professional relationships is by participating in cross-promotions with businesses and individuals in your area.

Ask local establishments you frequent if they are willing to post your offer at their front desk in exchange for including their information on your website and social media. Look for people who offer complimentary services to yours and consider creating a package deal or joint discount, or simply find your favorite beauty influencers and fellow professionals in your area and share each others’ content.

Creating a network of like-minded peers who are willing to support each other’s growth can expose new audiences to your work and help you be discovered by more of the clientele you want to work with.

Structure Your Services With Perks

Clients who trust that their stylist will deliver consistently high-quality services are much more likely to keep coming back, sometimes for years. Building this loyalty boils down to providing that consistent, high-quality work, but there are other ways you can help boost client satisfaction, too.

When you’re starting out, offering discounts to first-time clients who come back for future services can be a great way to get that repeat business. For clients who see you regularly, consider offering perks like free add-on services, deluxe shampoo or hair masks during a cut and color, or other service lines if you are licensed in more than just cosmetology (i.e. eyebrow waxing while at the shampoo bowl for cosmetologists that are also licensed estheticians, or brow lamination or lash extensions for those passionate about providing a full transformational experience).

Offer Beauty Services to Charity Events

The best way to overcome the hurdle of being unknown at the start of your career is to get as much exposure as possible. If you simply need to get some work for your portfolio and want to do some good in your community, consider offering free services to a local charity. Doing this lets you help those who might not otherwise be able to afford getting the look they really want while building your cache of quality content that showcases what you’re capable of. Taking the steps to actively network in your community through charitable events can help you open doors you didn’t even know were possible.

Even for established cosmetologists and beauty professionals, participating in charitable events a few times a year can be a great way to sharpen your skills and give back to causes that are close to your heart.

Be Present and Consistent for Continued Results

Whatever combination of marketing channels you choose, the key to building, maintaining, and growing your book of business as a cosmetologist is to be consistent, present, and interactive with your audience.

Stay On Top of Beauty Trends

Not all social media trends will make sense for you to participate in, but when they do, capitalizing on the boost in engagement can be major for your brand. Find popular sounds on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, keep an eye on what other cosmetologists in your area are doing on their social channels, and be sure to engage with beauty influencers and large cosmetology accounts you enjoy. Use these accounts as sources of inspiration for your own content creation.

Network Digitally and In-Person

A successful career in the beauty industry relies on not only building a solid customer base, but on creating a community amongst your colleagues as well. Reach out via DMs on social media to connect with others, brainstorm collaboration ideas, and more. Find industry events in your area that will allow you to either showcase your work, reach potential clients, or connect with like-minded professionals. Even before graduating your program, find people at your cosmetology school to connect with and talk to your instructors about any career placement services or alumni networks they may offer.

Communicate and Create Content Regularly

Marketing, especially social media marketing in the beauty industry, will never be a one and done strategy. In the fast-moving world of social media and the ever-changing world of beauty trends, consistent activity (and interactivity! Answer those comments, do Q&As via Instagram stories or TikTok Lives, comment on others’ posts!) is critical to continued success. Be present, be consistent, and be willing to reach your ideal clientele where they are.

Set Yourself Up for Success With Cosmetology School at Tricoci

Make it easier on yourself to build that portfolio and understand the business side of the beauty industry before you graduate by choosing a school that emphasizes training on these things as part of your program. At Tricoci University, we believe that you need to know more than just your chosen specialty’s skills to be successful in the beauty industry. If you’re ready to learn about cosmetology and the business of it, contact us to learn more about enrolling at a campus near you.

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