Why Choose Cosmetology Night School?

October 20th, 2023


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Changing careers or making time for education while supporting yourself can be challenging. You might already have a day job or other responsibilities to take care of. This can make enrolling in classes during the day difficult or even impossible. But all hope is not lost! If you are someone looking to turn your passion for beauty into a reality, consider cosmetology night school.

Why Enroll in Cosmetology Night School?

Cosmetology night classes at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture are an easy way to get the required hours of education you need to obtain your cosmetology license and start a career.

Some Tricoci University campuses offer part-time night classes, instead of full-time classes. We find this option aligns more with students’ and teachers’ schedules. Plus part-time classes allow you to work a day job and learn at night without pushing either priority to the back burner. It is possible to do both!

Cosmetology night school provides many benefits that you might not be aware of. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at why you might choose cosmetology night school.

Benefits of Cosmetology Night School

Cosmetology night school provides a number of advantages over daytime school. We will highlight some of these benefits below, but it’s likely you’ll discover even more.

1. You Can Learn Cosmetology on Your Own Schedule

Not everyone is a morning person. Night cosmetology classes allow night owls to thrive. And even if you’re someone who functions better during the day, you can use your free daytime hours to find opportune moments to study, such as during your daily commute or over lunch breaks.

2. You Can Still Work a Day Job and Earn Income

Attending night school at Tricoci University gives you the freedom to work a day job and earn income to support your personal needs—or even save up money to pay off student loans. This flexibility also makes it easier for you to pursue a dream job in cosmetology, while supporting yourself.

3. You Can Network With Other Motivated Individuals

While there are plenty of motivated students who enroll in daytime cosmetology school, those students who choose night class are potentially sacrificing personal time to learn. This means that you will more than likely encounter other go-getters who are pursuing their passion. You should definitely use your time in night class to expand your professional network.

4. You’ll Have Flexibility If You Support Someone Else

Cosmetology night school not only allows you to take care of your own needs, but it also allows you to tend to the needs of others who might rely on you. Plus it is often easier to track down a babysitter or caregiver in the evening, so that you can attend night classes without worry.

What Is Night School Like at Tricoci University?

At Tricoci University you can be on your way to a successful cosmetology career in about two years. We provide a variety of course options to students, including part-time night classes.

Many of our students are eligible for financial aid, and the same goes for students enrolled in night-time courses. The best way to learn more about your options is to contact us.

Find a Cosmetology Night School Near Me

Tricoci University offers part-time cosmetology night classes at campuses in Illinois and Indiana. Note that course timing and availability may vary based on location, which is why we encourage prospective students to reach out and connect with a member of our team.

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