Is It Possible to Attend Cosmetology School When You Have a Full-Time Job?

October 13th, 2020


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Although it might be the easiest option to attend cosmetology school full time without working, that’s probably not going to be an option for you. Most people need to work at least some amount of time so they can pay their bills throughout school. If you need to work full time so you can pay all your bills, you still may be able to attend cosmetology school. Here are four potential solutions to this problem.

Solution #1: Change Your Full-Time Schedule

The first solution is, quite simply, to change your full-time schedule. For example, if you currently work weekdays from 9-5, you may want to see if you can change your schedule to do a lot of hours on the weekends, then nights on the weekdays. There are many ways you can maintain that full-time work schedule.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is find out the schedule for the cosmetology program you’re interested in. That way, you can change your full-time schedule to work around your cosmetology program hours, making it easier to fit both of these things into your schedule every day.

Solution #2: Attend Cosmetology School Part-Time

At many locations, you can attend cosmetology school part time, rather than full time. The part-time cosmetology school program typically goes for a little less than half the time of the full-time program, which can be much easier to manage if you’re trying to juggle cosmetology school and work at the same time.

When you attend cosmetology school part time, some students may not feel quite as much of an immersion into cosmetology as you would when you attend full time. However, if it’s the difference between being able to go through cosmetology school and not being able to go through cosmetology school, you should definitely choose part-time cosmetology school.

Solution #3: Talk to Your Teachers

Many teachers will be very understanding about a variety of problems you might have making it more difficult for you to manage your schoolwork. However, they typically need you to be up front about it and let them know as early as possible so they can help you with your cosmetology education.

Remember, your teachers want you to learn. None of your teachers are hoping you fail. However, if you’re going to take advantage of your teachers’ knowledge and flexibility, you need to know that’s what you want from them. Talk to your teachers whenever possible to make it easier for you when you have a packed schedule.

Solution #4: Reduce Your Hours at Work Somewhat

Especially if you’re working more hours than you technically need to work for your current job’s full-time threshold, you may want to consider reducing your hours to whatever the full-time threshold happens to be. That can help retain full-time work benefits and ensure you make enough money while still giving you time to attend school.

Because there are many ways to create a flexible schedule for your cosmetology education, slightly reducing your work hours can be a great method of maintaining your cosmetology education in whichever way works for you. Carve your work hours around your cosmetology school needs for the best results.


As you can see, going to school for cosmetology and doing work full-time doesn’t have to be a contradiction. You can do both. You can even do both things and still have a social life. If this concept appeals to you, consider requesting more information from Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. You’ll be able to learn more about your options for cosmetology education in your area.

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