With various schedules at nail school, you don’t have to wait to start training for your beauty career. Your nail program can fit into your existing schedule of responsibilities.

At Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, campuses in Indiana offer training in nail technology and manicuring. Various schedules options help expand access to students who have scheduling needs. Plus, the high-quality training program can prepare students to go on to build careers that also have flexible schedules.

Find out how the schedules available at nail school can help you launch your beauty career.

Nail Programs with a Various Schedules

The nail technology training program at Tricoci University can meet your scheduling needs.

Class availability can help you build a schedule that works for you. Plus, on-campus administrators understand various schedules needs. They can work with students to help them select the best class schedule and develop an ideal class roster.

Nail technology programs at Tricoci University are part-time. That means you could have about 20 to 23 hours of training each week, offering even more scheduling flexibility than full-time classes.

Program length varies based on the requirements of each state. In Indiana, the 600-hour nail program can take just six months to complete as a part-time student.

Flexible Semesters in Nail School

Many nail training programs have twice-yearly start dates, and this can add unnecessary scheduling stress.

Tricoci University takes a better approach that offers more flexibility.

With rolling admissions, new groups of students start every six weeks. If you’re anxious to get started, you won’t have to wait long before you can start your nail school classes. And if you have specific timing needs, you can work with administrators to choose the best start date that works for your schedule.

Nail Technology Flexible Learning Program

Students attending Tricoci University nail school train in a variety of learning environments.

Classroom learning provides foundational knowledge and a broad context for the beauty industry. Students study nail products, business practices, sterilization and more.

Hands-on teaching helps students learn via instructor demonstrations on a wide range of nail services. Students also practice and improve their skills by working with mannequins and artificial fingers.

Real-world experience is also a part of the training program. Nail students work directly with the public in the on-campus clinic salon. When students are working with guests, instructors continue to provide supervision and guidance. This valuable experience in a clinic salon helps prepare students for the workforce.

Building a Nail Career with a Flexible Schedule

You may choose to go to a nail school because of its scheduling options. Luckily, with a high-quality training program like Tricoci University, you’ll be prepared to enter the workforce and build a career with a flexible schedule.

For example, you could set your schedule with clients. You could also customize your schedule as an independent contractor. You could even start your own nail salon.

Learn more about nail school career opportunities and how you can get started with a nail technology training program.