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November 6th, 2019


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You don’t have to give up your current responsibilities to pursue your dreams, and your busy schedule doesn’t have to hold you back from attending beauty school.

At Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, it’s easier than you think to sign up for the part-time programs in Cosmetology, Esthetics, Barbering or Manicuring.

Learn more about how part-time beauty school can fit into your lifestyle.

Attending Beauty School Part-Time

A part-time schedule lets you take beauty classes without disrupting your lifestyle.

Even though you attend fewer classes each week, you’ll get the same high-quality education as full-time students. Tricoci University’s part-time programs include hands-on training, classroom studies, education in business skills and experience working in the on-campus salon.

Tricoci University’s curriculum is designed to provide professional training that combines high-quality techniques with a style-savvy approach. With a part-time program, beauty education is even more accessible so that more students can begin a career in the beauty industry.

Getting a Schedule that Works for You

For many part-time beauty students, finding a flexible schedule is important. The administrators at Tricoci University work with each student to develop a course schedule that meets their needs.

For example, parents can take daytime classes while their children are at school. If you have a job, night-time beauty school lets you sign up for evening classes that don’t conflict with your schedule.
Other part-time class schedules can be designed to work for you.

How Long Does Part-Time Beauty School Take?

Whether you’re attending full-time or part-time, state licensing boards require a specific number of training hours. Part-time beauty programs still meet your local training requirements while extending the classes over a longer time period.

Here’s what it takes for beauty school students to graduate from Tricoci University:

Part-Time Classes Still Lead to a Full-Time Career

Part-time students are working toward a career in the beauty industry. After graduation, you’ll be prepared with the same high level of qualifications, training and experience.

Today, there are strong career opportunities in the beauty industry. Job opportunities are expected to grow at nearly twice the speed as other jobs.

There is a wider trend where people are more interested in grooming, self-care and beauty treatments. Beauty professionals can seize this opportunity. For example, students who attend cosmetology school can become hair stylists or makeup artists. Students who attend esthetician school can provide skin care treatments and hair removal. Barbering school prepares students to provide haircuts, style and grooming.

Understanding the Financial Aid Funding for Part-Time Students

Tricoci University’s program accreditation makes you eligible to apply for federal student aid to help you pay for beauty school.

Beauty school funding through financial aid could help you pay for your training. Financial aid options include grants, loans and scholarships

Getting started is easier than you realize. The admissions process only requires that you meet the program’s age requirements and have a high school diploma or equivalent. Whatever your beauty career goals are, Tricoci University can help you get there.

Learn how part-time programs at Tricoci University can help you launch your beauty career.

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