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Your High School Experience May Point You Toward Cosmetology

December 18th, 2019


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As a high school student, you go through a lot every day, and those experiences are definitely an important part of deciding what career you’re going to pursue. One thing you might not realize is how many high school experiences actually lend themselves incredibly well to a cosmetology career. If you relate to one or more of these experiences, a cosmetology career might actually be for you.

Changing Up Your Own Makeup Regularly

Are you always changing up your own makeup look and coming up with something that reflects your personality even better? Do people tend to take note of your makeup every day because it always works well with your outfit? That might just mean you have an innate ability to really succeed in makeup application of all types. Many people develop a makeup look and essentially stick to it every day. The ability to utilize a variety of makeup looks bodes well for a future cosmetology career.

Advising Your Friends on Makeup Looks

When your friends aren’t quite sure whether this new lipstick color really works for them, who do they call? If you’re on speed-dial for your friends’ makeup issues, that’s a sure-fire sign you have what it takes to succeed in cosmetology or makeup artistry. That’s because an important part of cosmetology is being able to assess someone’s current makeup and fashion styles, come up with a way to incorporate that into their look, and help steer them toward the best choice.

Always Being the First to Adopt a New Makeup Trend

Do you find that you’re always the trendsetter in your high school when it comes to makeup? Are you great at determining exactly what the next makeup trend will be and adapting accordingly? Makeup artists need to be on the front lines of fashion, always making sure they know exactly what’s going to be hip this season before anyone else does. If you have an eye not only for current fashion but also future fashion, cosmetology might just be perfect for you.

Nailing Your Early-Morning Makeup Routine

Many people don’t have a lot of time in high school to do their makeup. For the most part, you’re not going to want to spend an hour or more on your makeup every morning — you want to spend that time sleeping. So what do you do? If you’ve found you’re able to really nail a five-minute or 10-minute makeup routine and make it look like you spent hours on it, that might indicate that you really have a knack for makeup application.

Helping People for Prom or Homecoming

Prom and Homecoming are two of the biggest events in high school, and it makes sense that you’d want your makeup to be as spotless as possible. Typically, prom and Homecoming require much more elaborate getups than your everyday high school makeup — after all, it’s a party, and you want to really show off. If your friends tend to come to you when they want that highbrow party makeup, it might mean you’re just really good at determining the perfect look for an incredible night out. That lends itself perfectly to wedding makeup artistry and other special-event makeup.


Clearly, high school can really be a great learning zone for cosmetology. And if you’ve been doing it this for some time, chances are you’ve actually ended up with a love for cosmetology. A great career is one you’re good at and one that you love, and cosmetology might tick both of those boxes for you. With the cosmetology program from Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, you can start working in less than two years part-time and just about a year full-time. Get in contact and start learning about why Tricoci University is the place for you after you graduate high school.

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